Monday 29 February 2016

750 point Tournament Overview

Good evening,

Yesterday I played in a 750 point tournament called Vae Victus. This event was organised by a gaming Mate of mine called Dan under his role in our local club, Bristol Vanguard. The event was hosted at Bristol Independent Gaming (B.I.G) and it was an absolute blast.

There were 5 missions and each of them was unique, with odd deployments, scoring and even terrain that blew up when you got to close! This last game had me in stitches as my opponent rolled against my units and killed nearly half of 3 whole units!

Out of these 5 games I managed a  less than princely 3 draws and 2 losses, with one of those losses hard earned by myself as I in my deep concentration to remain out of line of sight, forgot to contest a maelstrom objective which scored my opponent 2 whole point! Aaaand he beat me by 1! If I had remembered to consolidate onto that objective I would have won! But I can't complain as I had such a brilliant day with all players getting along very well, including a gutsy young lad (about 10 I reckon) called Callum who got tabled a few times but also won a game so better than me!

There was a prize for best painted unit, and I really thought I stood a chance entering my Ravenwing bike squad but alas there was an incredible converted Nurgle rhino covered in all kinds of ooze and green stuff pipes that got 18/20 votes! Which included my own... There were about 8-10 entrants overall and of the other 2 votes my Ravenwing got 1 and a deathwatch squad got 1 as well... Without tooting my own horn too much, I actually feel pretty confident that without the Nurgle entrant I think I might have won. I got lots of compliments on my army and that squad in particular so I am very pleased with myself!

One of the really key points about this tournament is that it really was based on fun as much as tactics and list building, though undoubtedly everyone wanted to win! You could score your opponent for each game on how sporting they were and it was testament to the players as well as the tournament ethos fostered by Dan that most came away with high marks.

There was also a prize for most sporting which you can see below:

Because I won!

I was sincerely surprised by this and it came along with £15 voucher of my choice for store credit, GW or FW vouchers. This was my first time at B.I.G and the owners were absolutely awesome so I had to put that money back into their great community. I am popping back later this week for a properly competitive tournament practise and will pick up some new crack at the same time.

All that said I came second from bottom in the tournament so I'm glad I won something!

I'm sorry their aren't any pictures, but the event ran from 9-7 and it was a squeeze to fit all the games in and so photos were not to be had! But I hope that you enjoyed this little run down of a fun side of 40k that I can't help but think that we all love to its core really, beyond the desire to win (though we all have that too).

I also hope that you go and check out Bristol Vanguard as well as B.I.G and consider coming to their events in the future if you are close enough to hand :)

Peace out,



  1. Congratulations! Best Sportsman/Most Sporting/Favorite Opponent is, to my mind, the best thing to win. We're all doing this because we enjoy it, not because we're being forced to, or to make money, so being someone who's enjoyable to play is one of the best things to shoot for.

    1. Yeah I was very chuffed! It was a really really fun tournament.

  2. Well done, that's a cool trophy regardless of the vouchers, which is just icing on the cake.

    1. There should be another one this year with a doubles format but similar game types so very much looking forward to it! Thanks :)