Saturday 27 February 2016

Finished Ravenwing and Pictures and List for my 750 point tournament

Afternoon all,

So tomorrow my local gaming club is running a 750 point tournament with some very specific restrictions and some awesome custom missions. If you want to read in depth about what these are then please follow the linky-dink. Below is my 750 point force that I am taking with me which I wrote out earlier but thought it'd be good for reference here. 


2 x 5 man tactical Squad with Plasma Cannon
1 x 5 man tactical Squad with Plasma Gun
1 x 5 man scout Squad with sniper rifles

Fast Attack

1 x 10 man assault Squad with 2 x flamers and a power maul
1 x 6 man Ravenwing Squad with Attack bike. 2 x melta guns, 1 x multi-melta and 1 x power axe.

And here are pictures of everything! This is a lot of pictures!!

Peace out,



  1. They look fantastic pal, hope the tournie goes well for you!

  2. Looking great, dude! The muted colours really make it feel like they're in the middle of a night op. The OSL, especially on the bikes, really reinforces that, too.

    Best of luck at the Tournament!

    1. I'm really glad that comes across! It definitely looks better for the wider OSL as you suggested

  3. That is really pretty and I don't even like Dark Angels, really well done.

    Love the Ravenwing in particular, the posing and paintjob are great.

  4. Dude the OSL on those bikes isn't even remotely fair... Amazing job