Sunday 21 February 2016

Building the Mechanicum, Hobby updates + Arbitrary Milestone 200 posts!

Hey fine folk,

Arbitrary Milestone - 200 posts

First up today we have another arbitrary milestone following hot on the heels of 50'000 views! Today is my 200th post of my blog, which seems a little bit barmy given that I only posted 15 times in my first 3 months and the blog is only 1 year old on the 4th of April!! But as I said in my last post, I've enjoyed every second of it and you readers keep my putting out content as you are (for some reason) apparently interested in this corner of my life. 

In terms of the 1 year anniversary of my blog, I will be running a giveway with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place where 1st place can choose from three prizes, then 2nd place and 3rd place gets what's left! More details of that to come on the 4th of March as entries will run for a month :)

Hobby Update

So as well as generally building and painting units as you see them I am always working towards other things. The weekend coming, that is to say the 28th of February, I will be attending a 1 day tournament run by Bristol Vanguard called Vae Victus. This is a fun custom 750 points tournament that has some strict limitations. 

These include, no multi wound characters (a couple of exceptions), no 2+ saves, no duplicating units in the fast attack choices and limits on overall AV values on vehicles. Taking a HQ isn't compulsory either!!

I'm going to be taking my Dark Angels to this tournament with the following list:


Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles
2 x 5 man Tactical Squad with Plasma Cannon
1 x 5 man Tactical Squad with Plasma gun

Fast Attack

10 man squad of assault marines with 2 x flamers and a power maul on the sergeant

Ravenwing bike squad with 5 x bikers 1 x sergeant and 1 x attack bike. 2 x melta guns, 1 x multi melta and a power axe. 

These guys have mostly been pulled from my collection so the prevalence of AP1 and AP2 stuff is obviously not tailored to this tournament though any vehicles I come across should go pop pretty easily! The troops will remain stationary as far as possible with the plasma gun squad being the mobile unit of choice. Whereas the assault squad and ravenwing will zip around to claim objectives and take on key targets. I predict the ravenwing, with their higher toughness and re-rollable jink will be absolute buggers for some people to deal with. 

With this in mind I still have the sergeant and Attack bike to paint (though being fully painted isn't a requirement at the event) so below is me at the washing stage of the sergeant before I start to highlight the "black" with dark reaper:

So hopefully this guys and the attack bike marines should be done by the end of the week!

Building the Mechanicum

This weekend has been very productive regarding my foray into 30k with lots of building and some painting being done on my Legio Cybernetica Cohort. I haven't put the army list up yet, but here are a few pictures of what I am building and a collation of my "finished" castellax that was shown off in my Castellax review post:

And here is the nearly finished castellax, he needs identifying markings on the right shoulder an obviously the base needs doing, but other than that I am actually happy with him:

Expect to see a lot more of the mechanicum over the next month as I am hoping to get them built and ready for a tournament in early April and would like some practise games with them!

Anyway thats all from me today!

Peace out,



  1. Looking good there Rob, I like the innovative colour scheme on the castellax too, I was thinking of getting some skitarii at some point, thinking of a green scheme on them.

    1. I haven't seen any green Skitarii, that would be cool. Would you go for a cold green or a neo-cyberpunk bright style?

      I really enjoyed your striking original red scheme for your Kabal.

    2. I did enjoy painting the red scheme, though I think the purple is more original so I don't regret the choice.

      The green would be a fairly regal influence i think, so dark with some cream for contrast.

    3. I think that would look great with some nice bronzed up metal as well, do it!

  2. Looking good, man! I've really been enjoying your 30k overviews recently - keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks dude! Love your stuff, your Imperial Fists post have helped with the yellow a lot!

  3. Good work there. I'd like to see a shot of your 750 points together, when you have them finished. Fingers crossed on your gets hot rolls.

    1. I should hopefully have them done tomorrow in the nick of time so I would be happy to oblige!

  4. The Castellax is really good, the yellow scheme is inspired and easily the best thing I think I've seen you do.

    1. Much praise Mr Weston! Thank you very much indeed.