Friday 5 February 2016

Recommended Independent Model Companies - Anvil Industry

Hey everyone,

Today I want to toot the horn of another independent model company that I've talked about quite a bit before, namely being Anvil Industry as I'm sure you've guessed by now!! Anvil Industry have an excellent range of Exo-lords which work great space marine models and they have tonnes of conversion bits. They also have a range of miniatures for Afterlife, their own branded game to be released soon, and thee are brilliant as well! Actually probably prefer them to exo-lords as they are so cool looking! You could make great additions to guard and mechanicum with these models!!

Customer Service

I have dealt with Anvil products both directly and indirectly supplied by themselves. This is in hindsight an excellent thing as it served to really show off how much better their customer service attitude and communication is. I don't think I have dealt with a better miniatures company EVER than Anvil with regards to customer communication and satisfaction. 

To illustrate this point, I would like to just chat about an incident I had with Waylandgames last year. Firstly I will never use Wayland games again. Secondly, I had ordered some models from them with the usually 6-9 days waiting time. After a MONTH only 1 of the 5 items had arrived, so they gave me credit for the items not arrived and shipped me the other 1. So far, not so bad, I then ordered with my credit picking items that were only listed as in stock, APART from a squad from Anvil Industry.

But hey, I'd bought from them a few weeks prior and it had arrived in 2 days with excellent communication, plus they had answered several emails I'd sent them with general questions the same day both times. I thought, shouldn't be any problem getting them quickly... Right? 

Wrong!! SIX weeks later they had all the items I picked that were in stock (Thank God) but were still awaiting the item from Anvil. I emailed them about this and got several categorical emails stating that they had ordered the item but were still waiting on it from the suppliers. The item I ordered (which incidentally was my Dark Angel Sniper Squad) was in stock on Anvil's website so I decided to email them. They had not received any order from Wayland games at all. 

In short Wayland games lied directly to me. HOWEVER, Anvil Industry immediately, without prompt, said they would ship the item to me and just bill Wayland games, no questions asked and I received the item the next day, with a spare model in to boot!!

Over a lengthy email exchange, they did everything short of actually bend over backwards to make sure I was satisfied as a customer, and now I would never order their goods from anyone else. The tiny amounts I would save from a third party retailer is not worth losing their excellent customer service and I feel better for giving them the full profit to be honest!!

Anyway, with that out of the way here are my 3 favourite items in their store!

Top 3 Products!

1 - Black Ops Strike Team with Jet Packs

This is a squad of jump pack marines essentially and I LOVE the jump packs on these guys. They just look like they would really work to me. Plus the chest armour with knife and pockets looks brilliant to me. Awesome! The face mask is an excellent piece of techno punk aesthetic. The weapons too are cracking! Really really love these guys. Here is a link for you!

2- Unity Council C-48 Warden Autonomous Mechs

Some people say hey that looks like Chappie.. I say, f**k these are cool! I'm going to get these and use them as dark mechanicus drones or for a tau projects because they are so bloody beautiful. I love how the armour looks and how flexible and "realistic" they look. They have several other miniatures of this aesthetic which I highly recommend you look at. Here's a link.

3- Exo-lord mechanical arm

This must be one of the single most useful conversion parts for space marines anywhere. Buy this and BAM you have a tech marine! I really like that you can add that aspect to marines that are full on teched up, like a tech marine could oh my god, actually change his armour to be slightly more useful in certain situation. Not that I have any issue with how tech marines look, but I like the option to change it up :). Here's a link.

Anyway, I hope this convinces you to visit their website and buy their excellent products! Here's a good old link!

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  1. Always liked the look of their stuff. That backpack has been on my list for a long time. When money allows I hope to buy some small bits and review.

    1. Yeah they have a great range and they really are just top top people, I'll keep an eye out to see when you get something :)

  2. I use their stuff alot and can confirm it is excellent and very reasonably priced. Their shipping is very quick too. I have just ordered a load of stuff from them and the casting is top notch.

    1. I also find that sometimes the bits are better than they state, modest folks!

  3. These miniatures look amazing. There really are some cool independent companies out there. The jump pack ones are interesting - I might have to get some of those.

    1. If I had the time and patience I could have written about so many things they sell. They are releasing some kick arse melee weapons soon too!

  4. Dude. Those look really cool. If I didn't already have a bunch of more or less standard Crisis Suits, I'd be all over those C-48s for them. I hope they put those Jet Packs out as a bits pack at some point, too.


      Jetpacks alone!! I love them!! And not so different they wouldn't work in 40k as a long lost STC design.

      The wardrones are beautiful though and with some kitbashing would make awesome counts as models I think with more flexibility in their poses too

    2. Awesome! I couldn't find them for some reason. Thanks!