Monday 13 June 2016

30k Alpha Legion - Quick-fire Update

Afternoon all,

Here's a quick update on the 5 models I showed you earlier today. I will get round to comments later tonight! As pointed out by Nick these have a distinct Son's of Horus vibe about them as well. Believe it or not that was accidentally deliberate. Accidental in the sense I wasn't originally intending it, but when this colour popped up on my test model I loved the idea of having my Alpha Legion army looking a little like another legion. I have always set out to deliberately have no iconography on this army as I just see Alpha Legion as being able to easily pass themselves off as another legion and wouldn't outright identify themselves in the field with a big insignia on their chest. 

But I have a very specific ideal in mind with the Alpha Legion so I'm passing no judgement on other aesthetics! Anyway I went with the darker green look to have that ambiguity. 


Thoughts on the scheme and the quality of painting are most welcome with the usual etiquette rules.

Peace out,



  1. Darker background! Looks good otherwise :)

    1. One step at a time Greg! You'll get me there yet :)

  2. This hydra's head looks quite bruised... Very nice! And the great knife is a nice touch, too.
    Also I second a darker background.

    1. Well I took some inspiration from your darker mood with these guys :)