Wednesday 22 June 2016

Double Trouble Game Review - Game 3


Sadly I have no photos for this battle report, but have no fear! I will have another post up this evening with some pretty pictures :)

For my third game I was paired with the eventual winner of the Master Tactician award a chap called Matt Grimes. We both tied on 50 points, but he had around 400-500 more blood points than me and so that was the tie breaker. Matt had a very nasty list of summoning tzeentch chariots that were perfect counters for one half of the force facing us. 

Our opponent were one of Nathaniel Gibbs (NafNaf) friends from Objective Secured (Xachariel is his posting name I think?). He had a lovely fluffy and well painted Space Wolves army. 5 sniper scouts, some bikers, a unit of skyclaws and also a large unit of fenrisian wolves with a Rune Priest. He was paired with an all White scars bike list, the torrent flamers of tzeentch would have much to say on this!

Matt and I had first turn and that proved to be pivotal, I unleashed my bombardment from my archmagos onto the packed space wolves deployment and took out  fair chunk of wolves, a single biker and a few skyclaws. A few of the scouts also bit the dust and I moved up toward him. 

The White scars had also deployed aggressively towards my lines with two squads of bikers scouted very close to me, but some nasty tzeentch magicks as well as some of my fire destroyed one squad and reduced the other to just one or two bikers. 

The space wolves advanced forward and managed to take a wound of two scyllax and engaged in combat with them. The bikes and claws were ineffective, though a big turning point was the fenrisian wolves failing a charge. This allowed me to charge the wolves next turn and slay the rune priest before charging them down. 

On the other side of the battlefield the white scars had taken down some chariots, but Matt just kept summoning more in to replace them and eventually over two turns the scars became just Khan, a man on a mission! On the other side if the field the wolves just couldn't take me in combat with all the attacks the thallax get on the charge - 18 for a full squad at strength 5 - and the wolves were mopped up by the end of turn 3 aside from 3 scouts. These would be promptly toasted on turn 4 by more tzeentchian mystical magick. 

Khan was the sole survivor on the opponents side and I gave up no blood points from side of the force and I think Matt only surrendered two chariots in total. 

A bit of a blood bath but it was very good fun for all involved!

Stay tuned for some pics of a very different kind of model this evening :)

Peace out,



  1. "Stay tuned for some pics of a very different kind of model this evening :)"

    You have my attention! ;)

    Sounds fairly routine pal, kudos on beating the wolves, though I suspect Thunderwolf Cavalry might have been a different proposition?

    1. Yeah, the wolves player very obviously but a fun friendly list, I think he said he just pulled out stuff he liked but hadn't played in a while which is cool!

  2. Ouch! Quite the nasty punch up. Fair play to Khan for making it through though.

  3. It was an absolutely brutal game, but ultimately enjoyable. It'll teach me to think about bringing more guns next time!

    1. Only forgo guns if you're absolutely, 120% sure that you can take anything out there in CC. I learned that one the hard way when my KDK ran into an Errant Lance.

    2. Yeah I really enjoyed it, plenty of good laughs all round! I really like the idea of a giant wolf pack, you should make a 1500+ point list based on that and play Nathaniel!