Monday 27 June 2016

Horus Heresy Review - Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod

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Today I'm going to go over a relatively simple unit that has huge boons to grant to some of the more maligned units in the game of both 30k and 40k. The humble dreadnought.

Unit Stats

The dreadnought drop pod:

BS  Front   Side   Rear   HP
 4      12        12      12     3

The drop pod costs 65 points and can carry a dreadnought of any type. This includes all contemptor variants as well as the leviathan dreadnought.

Overview - Just a regular drop pod statline, which is a little annoying considering its massive bulk compared to a normal drop pod but should do us fine all the same.

Special Rules

The special rules are what make this drop pod so efficient in transporting dreadnoughts.

Burning Retros - As the drop pod descends to earth, its great bulk requires decelerating retros to fire. The smoke and ground dust kicked up by this grants the drop pod shrouding on the turn it arrives. HOWEVER it also grants shrouding to the dreadnought even if it disembarks, as long as it remains on the doors of the drop pod. ADDITIONALLY it also grants shrouding to any unit targeted where LoS passes through or over the drop pod. Shrouding also applies to any interceptor fire.

Assault Vehicle - This is a big one. Firstly you need to note that you CANNOT assault on the turn on arrival. But it does mean that you can stay inside the drop pod, giving you 3 ablative hull points that are sat behind a 5+ cover save to help protect your dread.

Deep Strike - Like a normal drop pod

Immobile - Like a normal drop pod

Inertial Guidance System - Like a normal drop pod

Overview - This is designed entirely to deliver and protect its payload and that is why this crucial investment can be worth its points.






If like me you enjoy the idea of a super powered dreadnought smashing into the enemy then this can be a HUGE boon to your deployment of said dreadnought. The leviathan dreadnought in particular benefits from this as not only is it well designed to punch stuff to death, but it also has several short range shooting weapons (phosphex being a prime example) that work better up close.

The dreadnought drop pod allows you to land close to your enemy, SHOOT as it is open topped and then sit inside with the drop pod and shrouding to take the return fire. Then in the next turn you have a decent chance of getting a charge off, depending on where your scatter landed you.

I think the points investment is warranted on any dreadnought that will benefit massively from either close range (short ranged shooting or close combat), or will benefit from denying cover saves to the enemy for a couple of turns. As landing close should massively mitigate this as an issue.

Overall - If you are sinking a lot of points into a dreadnought because of it being a special variant or even a character (Rylanor the unyielding) then I think the dreadnought drop pod is an often much maligned delivery system that is brilliantly designed to aid you. I hate building them though.

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  1. Honestly, I want like 9 of these. I don't want to build or paint 9 of them, but I do want that many. I've got enough Dreads to take advantage of the Company of the Great Wolf and the Fleshtearers Strike Force and run an Army consisting of nothing but Dreads in Pods, and being able to have that presenting nothing but Shrouded Pods to my Opponent on Turn 1 would be awesome. I'm getting at least a couple at some point, because Murderfang, Siege Dreads, and Frag Cannon Furiosos get so much better with them that I have to go for it.