Tuesday 21 June 2016

Double Trouble Game Review - Game 2

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Following on from yesterdays post I am going to cover my second game at the Double Trouble tournament run by Alex of From the Fang blog brilliance. I'm very sorry to say that I can't recall either of my opponents names! I was however paired with the enigmatic and wonderfully whimsical Dave Weston which was an absolute barrel of laughs. 

Dave had brought his beautifully painted Dark Angel army that had a nice eclectic choice of units. These included a techmarine which was stunningly painted, some missile devastators, sniper scouts, 2 x 3 man ravenwing squads, rhino, and tactical marines. 

We were facing of against heresy Imperial Fists and Nurgle Daemons. The daemons had poured their points into 2 x flying princes, 3 x nurgling bases, a squad of plaguebearers and then were able to summon horrors to boot. Probably the hardest list I saw all tournament (and to bear my own bitter pill, the least fun for myself!). The Heresy Fists brought a couple of tactical squads, a centurion HQ, 2 x vindicators and 3 x thudd guns. A frightening prospect for my T5 multi-wound models that S10 would kill with no problem!

Here you can see the general set up of the game after Dave had scouted his Bikers forward.

These two vindicators were front and centre and they had first turn so I was not hopeful at surviving past turn 3...

Dave  had heroically pushed forward with a view to taking on the nurgle prince or the vindicator with his plasma guns.

Sat mid table was a tac squad, rhino and my Scyllax and warlord!


Holy crap we seized on the roll of a 6! Pushing up the field my ordinator Archmagos let loose with his D3 S8 AP3 ordnance shots and took out a chunk of marines and put 2 HP on one vindicator, the Krios blew up the missing tank which actually took out on of Dave's Bikers, sorry dude! Annoyingly I forgot that I also had armourbane with the ordnance shots so that other vindicator would have popped as well!

At this point almost all other fire was ineffectual due to the 2+ cover save of the prince. Fortunately in the draft FAQ they remove the ability of giant creatures to take cover in ruins like that, with true line of sight being used. But here, his flies took all the wounds for him and he went on to rule our right flank.

The remaining vindicator took cover and thanks to some unlucky scatter and cover saves little damage was done in the middle of the board. However the devastators and tac marines stationed in the ruins at the bottom of the pic took an absolute hammering from the thudd gun and 3-5 marines total were killed and the devastators pinned. Damn!

In our second turn, Dave took on the nurglings with his bikers, taking off two bases and claiming the objective for us.

The second vindicator was ruined and some horrors appeared! The fist remnants moved forward with a bead on the nurgling locked bikers as well.

These thudd guns would prove untouched for the whole game due to excellent placing from the get go making them a tricky target with great firing lines for the barrage shots.

The highlight of the game was Dave's 5 man assault squad (top right) keeping a Nurgle Prince held up for 2-3 turns! I sincerely think if that had not happened we would have been tabled! The other prince with scythe moved to the centre to face my Archmagos.

The Archmagos put up a valiant speed bump resistance, stripping 2 of the 6 wounds from the prince, but as the assault squad fell he knew he was next.

The nurglings and fists put paid the cavalry on this side of the field and all the Ravenwing were cleared from the table!

My Krios was destroyed in a more forward position as he moved up too claim an objective in the building behind him. In the background my Thallax were falling like flies to the poisoned prince and his instant death ability.

In the final turn, all of my units were wiped out, but Dave had some bloody resilient scout snipers, devastators and a few tac marines left to keep our pride! All in all we actually took the win on victory points but were slaughtered on blood points. We gave up approx. 1500 to a paltry 563. This consisted of 540 points from the Fists and a mere 23 from the Nurgle Daemons. Had we taken 1 more wound from the prince that faced my Archmagos that would have netted a further 150 or so!

My hardest game of the three, but I had a real laugh with Dave and the opponents were good sports as well. Dave and I got on to discussing his hobby cave, larping and other general hobby shenanigans and it was great!

Thanks go to Dave also for the pictures on this report. Sadly I have one for the final report so I will make apologies now, but hopefully it'll engage all the same :)

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  1. Dan was the commander of the Daemons, I faced him in the first game. The flying Daemon Prince pretty much walked over whatever it wanted in our game too, but we did manage to take it down to 1 wound, we just couldn't kill it in the end.

    1. Yeah I wasn't really expecting such a tough list at the event, we just couldn't touch them at all! Not my idea of fun to play with or against, but ultimately it was a really good game!

  2. Thanks for putting up a nice report. Hope you had fun with it.

    1. Thanks Rory :) glad you enjoyed it, I really want to do some more but I am awful at taking pictures...

  3. If you don't have Ignores Cover in some form, Nurgle Daemons are a serious pain to deal with. Well done to that Assault Squad for at least holding them up so long.

    1. That was some fantastically unlucky rolling on the prince's half! I don't think I have much that could have taken it in my whole 30k army unless it was out on the open. Aside from Anacharis Scoria, but then he costs 50 points more!

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