Sunday 8 January 2017

A Truly Unique Painting and Conversion Service - I have D Power!

Hi Gang,

Today I wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blogger that goes by the nomicon of D Power and the conversion and painting service that you can find at IamAloneWithaDream

I am sure that anyone who frequents the google+ 40k community will be well aware of the dark workshop lying in the southern hemisphere of this globe where D Power creates beautiful monsters; but I thought I'd add my small reach on to that for anyone new to brilliance of the creations that come from D Power's hand.

D power has an incredible ability to build and paint very dark and sinister Blanchian nightmares that you will struggle to find coming out of any other commission service available thus far. The creation above that is the titular photograph is a rendition of Anacharis Scoria, the godfather of the Dark Mechanicum from the time of the heresy, that D Power very kindly sent me as a gift. 

Below are some of my favourite creations I've stumbled across on the blog:

And my personal favourite:

As you can see, if you want clean crisp line highlighting then you should go elsewhere, but if you want a truly GRIMDARK army built and painted for you, or even just a special character or squad (I think D Power is an excellent commission service for the recently released codex Imperial Agents personally), then you should visit IamAloneWithaDream. to see more examples of the work you can expect to get and if you want to make any enquiries then please visit Sago Altar for a lot more information about the specific available services and D Power's own words :)

Oh and D Power is just a lovely person too :)

Peace out,



  1. Great stuff. I tend to find I am hit and moss with Power's stuff some of it harks back to the original conversions I used to see Blanche done and others leave me struggling to pick out what is going on.

    That knight looks wonderful though.

    I would love to see little encaptured scenes by him/her. A navigator looking out a window. A marine standing in his arming chamber. That sort of thing.

    1. Yeah, its one of those style, much like my own I think, which grabs you or doesn't. Definitely more hits than misses for me, but its sold very much as you see it so I don't think anyone would get disappointed :)

  2. As with Blanche himself, I find D Power's stuff hit or miss, but dude. The hits are freakin awesome. So cool that you got one of his pieces.

    1. Yeah, wonderfully generous! Looking forward to having my display cabinet in place for Anacharis to sit in!

  3. I love D's work, even though the style isn't my thing, but the pure creative outlet and talent to put those models together is impressive in itself.