Thursday 21 April 2016

Legio Cybernetica - 3000 point army list

Good afternoon true heretics!

Today I'm just going to run through my projected army list for my Legio Cybernetica when I get them fully built and painted. I currently have two Domitars and two Krios Venators on the painting slab, undercoated in black and just awaiting their white before I start layering seraphim sepia on them for the yellow.

I have also spent a good while the last two days covering myself in super glue as I convert a much more Dark Mechanicum style (because I get away with more mistakes that way!) Vorax as I don't like the bug heads on the official models and don't want to pay forge world prices for one just to cut it apart! Additionally I also have an Arlatax Automata to convert out of my remaining Domitar models.

Anyway the list:


Anacharis Scoria - I have so little reason to not include this guy. The Legio Cybernetica only have a few special characters and this guy is so ridiculously cool and lethal that I just have to have him. This is him at full cost with his Xanathite Abeyant. He will accompany the Domitar unit as a beefy aggressive unit.

Magos Prime - A tricked out second HQ to ensure a large controller cortex coverage. Cortica Primus for cybertheurgy on whole squads of automata, Macrotek Techno Arcana for a re-roll on resoting wounds to the Thanatars that he will accompany. Abeyant, Machinator array and cyber familiar for added durability. Also has an Augury scanner to give interceptor to the unit if any deep striking units appear.


2 x Domitar Battle Automata - A unit of two tricked out with frag grenades and flakk missiles. Essentially designed to accompany Ancharis Scoria into combat and kill everything! Doubles with a tiny bit of anti-air but only because I had the spare points!


2 x Castellax Battle Automata - enhanced targeting array with bolters on each arm, Aggressive unit with good Dakka and AP3, run them at marines!

2 x Castellax Battle Automata - enhanced targeting array with flamers on each arm and Darkfire Weapons. Designed to sit back and use their range to pop light tanks and knock models off 2+ save units. The flamers should give them some additional defence against charging units that make it to the backfield.

3 x Thallax - standard unit with Ferrox upgrade. This means both their shooting and close combat attacks are rending so they can challenge most things with luck! Mobile and can claim objectives, so harass and stay safe as much as possible. Also have melta bombs so can threaten pretty much anything really.

3 x Thallax - As above

3 x Thallax - As above

Fast Attack

1 x Homonculex - This is an Arlatax bought at regular cost that comes with Paragon of metal for free. It represents Ancharis' test bed for experimental modification. Comes with an arc scourge for additional attacks. Super aggressive and expendable as long as it takes out a big chunk of points with it.

Heavy Support

1 x Krios Venator - Anarbic claw and smoke launchers on this beast for a bit more cover save and an I10 attack when assaulted! I've not reviewed this guy yet so watch out for that one, but it comes with a Ordnance 4, S9, AP2 weapon so its beefy!

1 x Krios Venator - Anarbic claw and smoke launchers again for the same job.

2 x Thanatar Class Siege Automata - Enhanced targeting array on these guys, The Magos Prime can repair them on a 3+ with his machinator array and either give BOTH of them a wound back with his cortica primus or they can BOTH fire 2 large blast, S8, AP2 barrage shots in a turn. Sweet.


This list is designed to make the most of the Legio Cybernetica reputation and rules for battle automata. All these Automata have +1 initiative and also the cortex controller range is extended to 24". This is important in relation to Anacharis Scoria and his warlord trait. So if you aren't massively up on him then check out the review tab to read on my main page :). 

There is a mixture of ranged and close combat units in there with the Heavy support section sending down a minimum of 8 x S9 AP2 ordnance shots AND 2 x Large blast S8 AP2 templates down. Additionally the Darkfire Cannon Castellax will add 4 S7 AP2 shots to this mix.

Whilst the Domitar and Homonculex along with Anacharis will provide a supreme amount of kick in the teeth. They can really do a number on some super hot units, the main problem is footslogging, though with move through cover this becomes a bit easier to stick to cover for the most part and Anacharis should be able to keep any wounded Domitar in the fight.

The three thallax units and the Mauler Bolt Pattern Castellax are mid range units used carefully to secure or deny objectives. but they have considerable assets to aid in both ranged and close combat engagements. 

I have hopes of acquiring an Atrapos Knight before the year is out and that will either put me up to 3500 points or I will form an alternative list with the Atrapos as the big old hammer!

Thought welcome if polite as always :)

Peace out,



  1. I'll be honest, most of that sounds like filth to me, and much of it I don't understand even though I have read your reviews, haha! Call me a fuddy duddy but I'm sticking to 40k and the traditional armies for now!

    Seriously though mate, that sounds like scary stuff on the table, and I know it'll look pretty awesome too!

    1. Well when its done I'll challenge your new Emperor's Children army ;)

    2. Beat the Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation today so bring it on!

      I may have been drinking...

  2. I like it, but will say trios of Thallax are not enough in my experience. They really need to be in squads of 5+ to be survivable, I found. The Krios Venator is an absolute beast, one of the most feared tanks on the heresy battlefields!

    1. I agree there, but I'm not going to be able to afford more for sometime and I ummed over whether 2 units of 4/5 was better than 3 but decided more squads would be better. You think drop a squad and beef the others?

  3. Looking forward to your Vorax conversion. I really do like those things.

    1. My converting skills aren't khorne juggernaut surfer good, but I hope you like the output! Its up now :)