Saturday 16 April 2016

Win a Titan from Forge World - My Entry - Hygrometus The Storm Bringer

Hey People,

So recently Forgeworld ran a competition that only people who had spent over £150 in the month of March could enter. The idea was to write up to 400 words describing how your Titian acquired there famous or infamous name. The entries will be judged on originality, creativity and how well they fit the spirit of the universe of 30k/40k. 

I only realised this was a competition after I spent £272 with Forgeworld, so I decided to enter it and make the most of the big spend! Below is my entrance to the competition, I don't expect to win but thought I would share it with you anyway :)


The defenders stood atop the battlements. Its crude granite walls sat in a row of three, the ground between each was a singularly designed killing field. The hot red flash of laser weaponry would become indistinguishable from the bright red spurt of blood as the enemy threw themselves upon its walls and into its breaches. The stench of the dead that rose from the foot of the first wall, Exitium Exoptat – Hopes Bane, choked the air with sickly sweet fumes of necrotic flesh.

Yet stood here at the summit of this world, fear lay rank between the defenders. Their traitorous heart had fallen from the light of resolution that the Emperors beneficence provided. The courage of their conviction had wavered. Death was coming, and it came with the storm. So short sighted are these men that cannot see beyond their choices. Each choice a branch of life he follows, unaware of the fire he has stoked.

The Ruinous Powers promise much and deliver little to these fools, whereas the Emperors wrath like an unstoppable wave, will always cleanse the heretic from its lands. Beyond Exitium Exoptat lay the great wastes of Disthandor Prime, normally an arid plane where the curvature of the planet is all that is to be seen. But at the normally empty horizon of this vast Hive world, on this day, clouds gathered. Dark and brooding with nought but a promise of death... They came closer.

As the Mars Pattern Titans feet inexorably drew it towards the granite citadel, its reactor core, exposed from the prior conflicts of Disthandor Prime, cast arc lightening up and over its gigantic bulk. A blue incandescent ball of electric phosphor fury, emitted with a pained scream of the tortured machine spirit. The crackling arcing energy of the core sparked upwards into the atmosphere, its energy dissipated to fuse the hydrogen and oxygen of the planets skies. Clouds formed like a dense smoke plume above the behemoth, a storm of terror that precipitated its arrival.

Before the day was done the killing fields lay red with the defenders blood, beneath a black cloud of righteous might. They could not run from the fury and the fire, he said. I smote them down with the weapons I was given, he said.

I did my duty, he said.

I am Hygrometus. I am the Storm.


Peace out,



  1. very nice! fingers crossed for you in the competition!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Alun! I imagine the competition will be fierce so luck shall be needed!

  3. I entered as well, since a buddy and I had combined to hit the free shipping point, which also put us over the line for the contest. Mine was rather shorter tho, since I was tired and not thinking well and it was the last day. Best of luck!

    1. Best of luck to you too! I'd love to see a chaos titan to go with your daemons!