Sunday 10 April 2016

Army Overviews - models to paint

Hey Gang,

Today I just wanted to show you a few pictures of my assembled and painted armies. I have finally got round to finish my unpacking after the house move and its always nice when I have all my minis out rather than half packed in boxes for games. I also just wanted to run through what I currently own that is left to paint for each of these armies as I was cataloguing that as I unpacked just for my own info so I can tick them off!


So you've obviously seen a lot of these recently so I'll get them out of the way quickly! 


2 x Krios Venators - these kits have arrived and they are LOVELY! Very excited to prep and undercoat these guys.

3 x Domitar Battle-Automata - You may have recalled I only ordered 2 of these and that is because due to an error in my order I got 3! Huzzah! These kits are also lovely and I am very keen to put some cool conversion ideas into practise with these. 

Death Company

These guys have been around longer than any of my current armies and I am so close to the end!!


6 x Death Company - These guys are almost finished in their base coating and the end is nigh!

Sell 1 x Baal Predator - I'm just not quite happy this one came out so I am selling it for extra hobby cash!

The Red Angels

A much smaller contingent by far than the Death Company but they should be nicely bolstered by what I have left to do with them.


5 x Vanguard Veterans - These will be alternatives in a CAD or I can run them in the Archangel Strike Force fromation.

10 x Scouts - These are leftovers from my Black Templar army that I have decided to give over to the Blood Angels as minimal tax troop choices.

5 x Sanguinary Guard - These were converted many moons ago now but I am still keen to get them painted up and on the table. Difficult to run without a CAD which as the motivation for the scouts really!

1 x Drop Pod - This bastard is needed to make the furiouso dreadnought viable and I am loathing finishing this. But hey ho it'll look good I hope!

1 x Chaplain - Again a model that has been converted for a long time and even has some base coat on it... I just haven't had the motivation, but it will be done!

1 x Librarian in terminator armour - The librarian specific to the blood angels, also part base coated, same as the chaplain it will be done!

The Dark Angels

My goodness I put a lot together very quickly and then just fell off them! But rest assured they have not been forgotten and I am lining models up to do in small batches of 2-3 for these guys. Though first up I have to clear a couple of big things...


1 x Dark Talon - This guy has been 1/4 done for some time but I keep thinking its a bigger job than its actual is. I want to get the Ravenwing painted up first to give me the option as taking them as Ravenwing strike force. 

1 x Sammael - Already undercoated but also put off as a big job that probably isn't going to be that much work. An excellent multiplier for the Ravenwing and a near must take too. 

3 x Ravenwing bikers - These are the three bikers from the Dark Vengeance set so no complicated modelling to undertake!

5 x Deathwing Terminators - Again just the 5 that come with the Dark Vengeance set, I think I can whizz these out fair quick once I get the paint layers down in my mind. 

15 x Tactical Marines - This is just a duplication of the Tac marines that I have already painted so that I can run dual Death Company. 

5 x Lascannon Devastators - Same as the other Devastators they will have sternguard torso/legs and they will look boss for it!

3 x Company Command/Veteran Squads - I have a couple of boxes of Dark Angel Veteran boxes and want to make Command Squads out of them, as well as make a veteran squad out of left over bits. 

1 x Contemptor Dreadnought with dial Kheres Cannons - This is making use of the Contemptor from the Betrayal at Calth box that I don't fancy for my Alpha Legion. 

1 x Interrogator Chaplain - Seraphicus from the limited run Dark Vengeance that is very close to being done but just fallen by the side!

2 x Company Master - Both are from Dark Vengeance and I haven't had a chance to have a play around with them yet.

1 x Librarian - Another Dark Vengeance push fit model that I want to try and convert for some extra identity. 

1 x Drop pod - this is in bits but needs to be put together and finished off for a squad to ride into.

Things to buy:

This is the only army on my list that has a too buy section as I really want to boost the vehicles of the army. Mainly this is too add to the manoeuvrability of the army but also to take advantage of the full company free transports formation.

4 x Razorbacks - I want these with a variety of options so that I can have the extra fire power but also for objective grabbing with 5 man tac squads or Company command squads as they will have objective secured in the demi-companies. 

2 x Dreadnoughts - I want these just for the chance to model them as I feel they really fit the Dark Angels very much.

Overview and other things

So that's the run of my armies that are currently under way already. Obviously I still have the Alpha Legion lurking in the back ground but they will be dealt of in a separate post. In other news I also got my standing from the tournament I attended the other weekend, despite only playing 4/5 games due to illness I managed to rank 27/60 which is my best showing ever and also is a TO-DONE as one of my other 40k addict challenges was to place in the top half of a tournament! So that tournament has really fulfilled a lot of long term goals for me :)

Thats all from me today! I hope you have enjoyed a little flit through my collection today!

Peace out,



  1. Good stuff pal, I think I may have to do something similar soon, my garage has been a complete tip recently and I need to get stuff sorted for a doubles tourney in May.

    Your armies are looking great, though it's good to see the mechanicus in there to brighten things up a bit!

    1. I look forward to seeing your Dark Eldar all out in particular, your armies all stand out nicely against your board as well which looks great in juxtaposition.