Friday 5 August 2016

Hobby Update - 30k armies on the go

Hey all,

Hey everyone, today I just wanted to run through my 30k armies that I have on the go and list out what I have painted and what I have left to do. A few of these are very nearly done to completion for the long foreseeable future whereas others are barely off the ground! A self-indulgent wander through my collection, but I hope you enjoy seeing what is coming nonetheless :)


So I have 3750 points of Mechanicum planned in total and the vast majority of this is already built and painted, but I have a few little odds and sods to complete that are currently on a backburner as I work on other armies to catch them up!


2 x Magos

2 x Domitars

4 x Castellax
9 x Thallax
4 x Scyllax

1 x Vorax

2 x Krios Venators
2 x Thanatar


1 x Calix Thanatar

1 x Converted Arlatax from Domitar

1 x Imperial Knight Paladin


Nothing as of yet but in the new year I do plan on making several purchases that should hopefully encompass some of their upcoming releases such as drones and the Macroarid Explorator models.


As you can see having only 3 models left to do, I'm pretty solid on the Mechanicum. The Calix is the easiest one to knock off this list as I won't be doing any serious conversion work to it at all. The knight is mostly built, but does need a hard 20% of it completing. The Arlatax will need the most work doing on it, but I want to keep this until I have a set idea of how I want mine to look in my head.

Alpha Legion

The Alpha legion have had a very productive stint of painting over the past few months resulting in quite a large chunk of painted miniatures. Unlike the Mechanicum however, none of these buggers have any bases done for them yet, so I really need to crack on and order those pronto. I am also waiting for alternative flying bases which have been very delayed so I need to chase them up as well!

Completed (aside from bases):

Autilon Skorr

2 x 5 Veterans with sergeant and melta gun
2 x 5 veterans with sergeant and heavy bolter

1 x Leviathan Dreadnought
1 x Dreadnought Drop Pod


1 x Armillus Dynat
2 x Fire raptors
1 x Xiphon Interceptor
5 x Sons of Horus Reavers


5 x Sons of Horus Reavers
1 x Rhino
2 x 10 Assault Marines 
1 x Alpharius - though in realty I am going to convert this bastard


For the mean time, the big boring bulk of infantry has been done with only the assault marines looming really. If the rumours concerning the next "Betrayal at Calth" like boxset are true and it will contain assault troops then hopefully they should be a steal for me. That makes the capital required to complete this army pretty low. I don't have plans to buy anything else after that so this army shouldn't take too long to complete I hope!

Solar Auxilia

The Solar Auxilia are a recent buy but I have painted 2/3 of my original purchase with just the 10 man squad of Veletaris with Power Axes to go. However my recent selling spree has yielded enough money to make some additional purchases.... which I maaay have made when I was at warhammer world as you will see in the too complete section...


1 x Malcador Infernus
1 x Dracosan Armoured Transport


1 x Dracosan Armoured Transport
1 x 10 man Squad of Veletaris with power axes
1 x 10 man Squad of Veletaris with volkite
1 x Auxilia Command Squad
1 x Legate Commander


1 x Malcador Infernus
2 x Dracosan
1 x 10 man Squad of Veletaris with Volkite


This army will sit at 2250 points once the additional purchases are made. I haven't yet decided on what will be bought to expand this army further, any suggestions on that front will be well received :). I have recently ordered the bases for these guys so I am hoping to have them playable as a small army or large allied detachment before the end of the year !

Imperial Militia

These guys really caught my imagination when I sat down and read the rules. I decided this was a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the other amazing miniature companies out there and decided I would really like to field an all female army and so a big spend was made at raging heroes...
I have virtually everything needed to make this army with quite a small amount of capital required to fund it. I am planning to make the final purchases for this army with the sale of my dark angels army, should I ever find a buyer! I thought £130-150 would be a good price but no biters yet :(


3 x Commander models
20 x Infantry models
15 x sniper infantry models
2 x Proteus Landraider counts as models
4 x medusa heavy artillery cannons + 16 crew


1 x Baneblade counts as model


This army will be a siege force that has a distinct neo-reich steampunk aesthetic. The counts as Baneblade will be the Huntsman Spider Walker from Ramshackle games. That plus some conversion materials and bases will be enough to complete a 2500 point army. Obviously I haven't built let alone painted any of this, so much work is required, Having this built with the odd united painted before 2017 would be an achievement I feel so do look out for this in my posts!


As you can see I have a lot on my plate even with jettisoning the vast majority of my 40k armies. But I feel like with a solid period of time to do some painting I and my focus being properly placed I could get a good amount of completion done on these lists! Let me know what excites you and if you want to see some things sooner than others, I my just bump stuff up the queue :)

Peace out,



  1. I think I'm most excited about the solar auxilia mate, the malcador and dracosan you've already shown look incredible, I want to see infantry to go with them!

  2. Now I've seen your mechanicus in action I'm the most interested to see how they go,especially as you've got an IK in the works!

    1. Well if you have any good ideas on how to shoulder mount a battle cannon I'm all ears! Thats the stalling point on the knight right now

  3. Crumbs, these guys are taking off so quickly! I second the comment about the infantry :-)

  4. Looks like you'll be busy for a while Rob! Which of your awesome armies is making the trip to Hero for a Day?

    1. Ah its the old faithful Death Company that are coming with me! I won't be selling those off! Love the buggers and such good fun too!