Monday 29 August 2016

Recommended Retailer - Errant Dukes - Affordable 40k Scenery

Hey everyone,

Today I am resurrecting a series of blog posts that just fell by the wayside. But I am very passionate about sharing smaller companies out there in the 40k sphere that deserve their dues. I am also keen to just highlight individual items I think are pretty cool from all different types of stores, so expect more "producty" type posts in the future. 

I'm wanting to put these in a tab of their own so that they can be a small resource for gamers to find smaller model makers and cool specific bits and bobs. 

Anyway, today I want to talk about ERRANT DUKES

The Dukes are a small scenery making company that has just popped up in my radar and they have some really great looking buys if you are starting to put scenery together for a table at home or are wanting to expand a clubs terrain. Below are some of their available products and some pictures of what they have coming!

Scatter Terrain

Errant Dukes have currently got some great little items for scatter terrain:

Gothic styled tank traps, very well priced at £5 I think.

Pre-cut pieces for terrain features, I particularly like these as I know not everyone has access or can be arsed to black and decker MDF apart! £11ish for 4 but they do save you some hassle.

More explicitly fantasty for some but I like crates for any setting, these are £1.80 and I think smaller items like this really add character to a board.

And here's a nice example of using the terrain board and tank traps to make easily moveable features, I am definitely going to be recreating this for use on my FAT mat.

Coming Soon

Going through the Dukes facebook page you can see what they are working on and get a decent sense of scale for the pieces:

These wall pieces look very neo-victorian gothic to me, fitting in well for the Grim Dark styling of 40k. Though I'll be inclined to add some damage to them to warzone it up.

A decent height for cover as well.

This large dome is coming soon and I'm expecting it to be well priced like the rest of the Errant Dukes products, it looks like it will make a good centrepiece or as multiple generator dome like structures. There is also a video showing scale HERE which looks great!


The Errant Dukes look like they are going to be coming out with some fantastic and affordable terrain which look ripe for gracing tables and getting a decent playing surface without paying usually the usual price tag. 

I heartily recommend you follow the link at the top to their facebook page where you can see what they are up to and access their shop. A company to keep on the radar and hopefully grow!

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  1. Very cool! Hadn't seen their stuff before, rather like those tank traps. Thanks for sharing 'em!

    1. Np dude :) based on the pricing of their current stock I am hoping that the Dome is going to be around £10 ($13-14) for a pretty big piece of scenery that has some great potential for chemical tanks, power domes and the like

  2. ###Greetings and salutations###

    Well things have progressed since this post, sadly the Dome kit fell by the wayside, but other projects have stepped up in its place and have lead back to the Dome, but in a different form, more will be explained as we progress in our projects.

    Rob, could you contact us at your earliest convenience?

    ###End Transmission###