Sunday 23 October 2016

Kromlech - Jump Pack and Chain Swords Review

Hi everyone,

So recently I've been going over some purchases I made from Anvil Industry which I've been using to build a custom Emperor's Children force for use in 30k. Considerably cheaper than buying all the bits from forgeworld and just a lot of fun pick-and-mixing different parts to get a unique looking force! 

The majority of parts were from Anvil, but I also picked up so choice pieces from Kromlech to complement. This is either because the aesthetic of the Anvil pieces didn't quite fit what I had in mind or they simply didn't sell them. So below I've got just a few shots of some Kromlech goodies :)

Jump Pack

I really like the beefy look of these jump packs and the direction of the thruster outlets. I also like the somewhat more modern juxtaposition to the more archaic forms of armour that I have chosen from Anvil. The pieces themselves come as a single jump pack with two separate end pieces to attach to the bottom of the jump pack at the point where the sprue is cut off. The jump pack has attachment points that are supposed to sit inside a recess on the thruster attachments, but I found these to not sit flush and it was easier to just cut the bottom of the jump pack flush for a nice tight fit.

Really good detail and a nice feel to the resin itself.

Chain Swords

I bought two packs of these chain swords that come in four different designs. I really like not having exactly the same chain sword for everyone, particularly in a legion known for ego and flamboyance like the Emperor's Children. These had a lot more sprue attached than I was expecting but it was pretty easy to remove and clean the flash. Though there were a few points were several small cuts was better than a big slice with a scalpel as the first time I did that it pinged off the pommel guard along with it! 

These have some particularly brutal designs festooned with different cutting blades that I think are really cool. In terms of attaching them to the miniatures I used the plethora of spare hands you get with the Anvil Industry guns which looks absolutely fine once you have cut space from the hilt of the swords and inserted the fist in (so to speak!).

Plasma Cannon

Recently Kromlech have been pumping out excellent alternative special and heavy weapons for the legions and this plasma cannon is just such an example of one! I didn't order this beast but Kromlech threw it in as part of a promotion for these new pieces which was a very pleasant surprise! Still figuring out how to fit in to the army somewhere so may end up buying four more anyway... Damn you Kromlech!


Very little bought compared to Anvil but this was my first decent order size of any kind from Kromlech and I was very pleased with the delivery speed considering they came from Poland, less than a week certainly. 

The items themselves were very well packaged and there were no breakages on arrival. The detailing, particularly on the chain swords is very very fine and I am really looking forward to painting them up to pull all that detail out. 

I've been looking at putting a larger order in for some other Kromlech goodies in the coming months so expect to see more from this awesome outfit. I thoroughly recommend :)

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