Friday 7 October 2016

Solar Auxilia - Tanks Very Much!

Hi everyone,

I have fully purchased everything for my Solar Auxilia army as it is currently planned. And I thought I would just take a picture of all the tanks that involves! This is a very tank heavy army with only 36 infantry models and 8 expensive and deadly tanks! As I type I realise I left my converted Leman Russ out of the picture as well so make that 9!

In the picture above and below from left to right we have:

- Auxilia StormBlade
- Macharius Omega
- 2 x Malcador Infernus
- 4 x Dracosan Armoured Transports (3 with Demolisher Cannons and 1 with twin-linked Lascannon)

That's a combined total of 47 hull points! With the 4 on the left of the picture being super heavies that can't be exploded except by D weaponry! Once the Auxilia have been painted I have several other projects to be getting on with but my next planned purchase for this army will be Titanic in proportion ;)...

Enjoy the pics!

Peace out,



  1. Crazy, and hat silver base coat just makes it look like they're all metal!

    1. I cannot unsee that now! And suddenly they all feel too light :P

  2. Looking forward to seeing progress with the other beasts!

    1. The storm blade is proving very tricky to decide colour placement for so its definitely going to be painted last I'm afraid. The macharius may also be sold off to fund other... Larger purchases ;)