Saturday 22 October 2016

Creating Marines on the Anvil - Anvil Industry Exo-Lord Marines

Hey all,

Today I just wanted to show you a selection of my creations with the Exo-lord parts I purchased from Anvil Industry recently. I've been using the parts to make a very unique looking custom Legiones Astartes force for use in the Horus Heresy. The aesthetic of the exo-lord parts works really well as an alternative mark of armour for space marines in general.

All of these chaps currently lack back packs and left arms as the left arms are waiting for shields to arrive from Laser Cut Candies and the back packs are just being painted separately so I have full access to the cloaks for painting purposes. 

Hopefully these pictures will show you what you can do with all the parts I purchased which you can read about here and here. I really love the Anvil Industry Exo-lord range and will be buying more at a further date to expand this force to be even larger. Rest assured I'll keep you up to date :P

Peace out,



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    1. Damn you James!

      Since you've kept saying Minotaurs I've been reading the fluff a lot and looking at the models and I think the new year might see a force appear at some point...