Friday 28 October 2016

Solar Auxilia Overview - A Video Review!

Hi gang,

With my recent trip to play Winters Seo I chatted to him for some advice about things I've been wanting to do for the blog for sometime. Winters being an old hand at the whole internet fame kerfuffle gave me a lot of advice and he very kindly offered to host a few of my videos on his most excellent channel! 

So I recently recorded a video giving a brief over view of the Solar Auxilia as presented in the big red book. A few too many swear words, poor video editing and two mistakes but I think its a pretty good job overall!

Please bear in mind there seems to be a problem with audio for some people on phones and tablets! But it works fine on any PC it seems. 

Enjoy and please go and visit and subscribe to Winters Seo's brilliant channel. It has brilliant narrative battle reports as well as painting guides and reviews :)

Peace out,


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