Tuesday 6 June 2017

Deathwing Landraider, Imperial Militia Walker and a Comparison!

Hey gang,

Some good work on finishing off the Deahwing Landraider this weekend, snugly fitted in between birthday activity for Serena (Laser Quest is a sweaty business..). Plus work on the final counts as Proteus with some snaps to show the size difference! Hoping to finish the land raider off and base the Deathwing fully tonight!

 From the Front

 From the Side

From Above

The Walkers are taller than the Phobos patter, but if you take the legs as the outer hull, they have largely the same footprint. You'd probably have issues with some tournaments for the dimensions, but I'm only going to be using these among friends primarily so no problem!

Peace out,



  1. Lovely work, man! I dig 'em!

  2. Looking great! Thanks for the comparison shots!

  3. Sweet, Russ will be happy when he returns from the Saga... (Not Leman Russ) ;)