Friday 15 July 2016

New Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Rules

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I haven't actually got my copy of the book yet. But Steve Turner at Terminus Est has put together a really nice rundown of changes in price and rules. Please go and check out Steve's Blog as it is really bloody super (much better than mine!) and he deserves rewards for his efforts, but I will also stick it below as is from his site for you.

Age of Darkness rules changes
- The ‘imperial armour units in age of darkness games’ rule has been replaced. Instead of ‘any unit’ it is now a fixed list of units.
- Clarification of having multiple characters with the ‘must be warlord’ rule. Simply put, you can’t. Only primarchs override this.
- Tank squadrons have command tank upgrade which is +10pts over old price
tanks with pintile-mounted options have multi-meltas added for same price as havoc launcher.

HQ Choices
- Moritat chain fire rules updated to include the overheat rules from the jan 2016 FAQ.
legion command squad base cost is -25 pts
- Additional LCS members are -5 pts

Elites Choices
- Veteran tactical squads -25 pts to base cost
- Veteran Marines are -3 pts each
- VTS has additional weapons from FAQ added
- Techmarines are -10 pts each base
- Servo-automata has heavy bolter, multi-melta, and missile launcher added to their wargear options
apothecarion detachment has list of units removed, may join any unit will ‘legiones astartes’ rule that isn’t in terminator armour or have the daemon rule
- Apothecarion detachment can purhcase jump packs and SM bikes, allowing them to join like equipped units.
- Dreadnoughts all have +1 attack (to base 3) as per FAQ
- Volkite culverins in contemtpor dreads replaced with the twin-linked version
- Legion rapier squads thudd guns only have frag rounds to start with. May purchase additional rounds as in Book 6, including phosphex

Troops Choices
- Legion tacticals squads are -25 pts base
- Legion assault squads are -75 pts base
- Additional assault Marines are -2 pts each
- Breacher squad -25 pts base
- Additional Breacher marines are +5 pts each
- Tactical support squad can take additonal close combat weapon for 2 pts; rotor cannon and volkite charger upgrades are now free upgrades
- Reconnaissance squad is -25 pts base

Dedicated Transports
- Legion dreadnought drop pods are +35 pts

Fast Attack
- Legion Seekers are -20 pts base
_ A dditional marines are +5 pts
- Sunfury missiles on Lightning is +10 pts
- Kraken missiles are +10 pts
- Phosphex bomb cluster -10 pts
- Electromagnetic bomb charges are -10 pts
- Tarantulas are +5 pts each
- Tarantula squads lose forward deployment
- Dreadclaw drop pods +15 pts
- Dreadclaw listed as only carrying regular and contemptor dreads, not Leviathan or Dreadeo types
- Landspeeders are -10 pts each
- Hunter killer missiles are -5 pts each now
- Javelins are -20 pts each
- Javelins gain strafing run USR
- Units attacking a Javelin in close combat suffer a -2 to hit while it isn’t immobilsed

Heavy Support
- New jetbike unit
- Just regular jetbikers with multi-melta as basic, base squad is +30 pts over normal jetbike squad
- May only go to 5 men in total, additional jetbikes are +15 pts over normal jetbikes
- May upgrade to volkite or plasma for cost, all of the squad must be the same
- May take sergeant upgrade
- Deathstorm drop pod has automated weapons rule, basically old rule of automatically shooting all units within range (enemy or friend) when it arrives
- LR Phobos is -25 pts
- LR Proteus is -20 pts
- Land Raider Achilles can take thudd gun ammos same as rapiers, at same price
- Achilles-Alpha can take additonal ammo types
- Vindicators are now squadrons as in Book 6 with additional rules from FAQ
- Spartan is +10 pts
- Laser destroyers are free upgrades on Spartan
- Flare shield is +20 pts
- Sicaran Venator may take second pintle-mounted weapon
- Sicaran is +30 pts and can take a pintle mounted weapon
- Kharybdis is -25 pts
- Deredeo dreadnought has third arm option, heavy lascannon option S10, AP2 heavy 2, Exoshock
- Exoshock - if a hit scores a penetrating hit, then on a 4+ a second automatic pen is caused ignoring cover
- Whirlwind Scorpius can take pintle-mounted weapons
- Malcador is now heavy support with -25 pts base cost
- Battlespeed now allows it to fire its main weapon (top turret) at full BS skill before or after moving flat out
- Malcador is 1-3 in squadrons
- Malcador receives wider range of wargear selection covering basic stuff like pintle-mounted weapons

Lords of War
- Typhon is +45 pts base
- Falchion is +25 pts
- Falchion can take a neutron wave capacitor which adds the ‘feedback’ and ‘shock pulse’ special rules to its Volcano Cannon

Rites of War
- Orbital Assault - dreadnought and contemptor talons can take dreadclaws or dreadnought drop pods even in talons of 2 or 3
- Rapier batteries can take drop pods

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  1. Thanks Rob & Steve =)

    some really interesting changes, all those point changes ... I'm very happy about the Javelin buffs

    1. Javelin was already tasty and even more so now! Steve did a great rundown I need to send him an email to say thanks!

  2. Awesome! Got notification that my copy is on the way, but really like the quick rundown of changes (of which there are a ton of exciting points reductions). Definitely going to have to re-work the lists for NOVA!

    1. I look forward to reading what you take as always :)