Friday 1 July 2016

The Allied Solar Auxilia List - A review

Hey everyone,

Today I'm just going to run through my recent Solar Auxilia purchases and how they will form an allied detachment for my Alpha Legion force. My recent purchases were a Malcador Infernus, a Dracosan Armoured Transport, and a Veletaris Storm Section with Power Axes.


Tank Commander - The HQ for the allied detachment will actually be a tank commander. These cannot be taken as a mandatory HQ for a primary detachment but they can be taken as the mandatory HQ for an allied detachment. 

The Tank commander upgrade gets applied to an Malcador or Leman Russ Tank in the army. THe upgrade gives the Tank BS4 as well as the ability to fire overwatch with its weapons. It also lets you pick from USR like Tank Hunter, Monster Hunter and a few others.

Can you guess who is getting the upgrade... not hard with only 1 choice!


Veletaris Storm Section - These guys are the elite of the elite, with a 4+ save that is re-rolled against blasts and templates they have extra durability compared to 40k Tempestus Scions. As standard these guys come with volkite weaponry which is very cool, BUT I love the power axe models so we are looking at 10 WS3 power axes that actually go up to WS4 when in base contact with other members of the squad! So hitting last but should do a decent job anyway. 

These guys will eventually move to an elite slot as a household retinue for a Legate Commander. This means they will be buffed to WS5!

Dracosan Armoured Transport - A dedicated Transport for the Veletaris squad that comes with a 13:12:11 frame with 5 HP. FIVE!!!! Not only that but you can equip it with a demolisher cannon (which I have) that drops the transport capacity to 10 but I only have 10 anyway!

Additionally it will be equipped with armoured ceramite and a flare shield to really give it survivability effectively becoming AV 14:12:11 against regular shots and front armour 15! Against blasts and templates. 

Heavy Support

The Malcador Infernus - A 6HP super heavy in the regular heavy slot. With an 18" torrent hellstorm flamer that can be S7 AP3 or S3 AP2 with 2+ poison. The Infernus will also be equipped with lascannon sponsons as well as all the good defensive upgrades too. Remember that this thing can now fire overwatch (wall of death!) AND its lascannons fire at BS4. 

Summary and working with Alpha

The Solar Auxilia bring some very heavy hitting vehicles to my Alpha Legion army, that despite having 2 flyers is very light on the ground with durable units. The torrent flamer will help remove cover hogging astartes in power armour or terminator armour as well as using its lascannons to help pop enemy vehicles. 

The Dracosan can also drop the squad off behind itself before plonking a S10 AP2 pie plate down that should thin out return fire on the squad that can charge with their axes in their next turn or take an assault from a thinned out unit. 

This army is the beginning of a very elite army that will be going Malcador heavy in the heavy support slots. I am even considering taking an Onslaught detachment, which while giving you the option of 2 Lords of War, also gives you the option of an additional heavy support. 

I don't intend to take an Lords of War as I think 4 Super heavies in the heavy support slots is bad enough of the fromage scale!

Thats it for today so as always..

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  1. Looks good and similar to what I was thinking. You came out to 750pts?

    Which special rule are you thinking of for the malcador infernus?