Friday 2 September 2016

Holy Harlequins Batman!

How do gang,

Off to warhammer world again today with my mate Dan for a 6k a side Heresy game! Looking forward to it immensely! In the meantime here are some pictures of my Harlequins! One of the benefits of buying such cheap models new (£110 for a whole 1750 army!) is that I didn't feel the need to make them a piece of art to the best of my ability, but I felt like I could go for an army that would just look visually impactful on the table. So I decided to do a whole OSL army of Harlequins to represent their holofields!

Here lyeth the pictures of progressing work.

Thoughts on a postcard please :) pleasant and constructive mind you, not that I have to remind any of the regulars :)

Peace out,



  1. Well they are most definitely striking! Brave thing to decide to do but I think it's definitely worked!

    1. Well its very much a dick around paint scheme thats easy to do so its gonna have some dislikes! Cheers though matey :)

  2. While I do get the idea I think it might be laid on a bit heavy here and I can fully understand not wanting to spend hours painting each square section. Perhaps basic colours on on part of them and the holo field looking fading across the rest of it?

    If that makes sense.

    But is it really a whole army in that box?

    1. Perfect sense mate :) no worries! I just have so many armies on the go that even basic colours is too much hassle, its just an army I want to play with for cheap. But don't think I've taken offence, far from it mate, I'm glad people like yourself feel comfortable to be polite and critical on my blog :)

      No no, not in the box, I bought it all off ebay as separate bits being sold froom the box, but you can pick up the harlequin side for around £40 and I just poached what I needed from other sellers, really great bargain!