Friday 23 September 2016

Kromlech - New shinies and a weekend Promo!

Hi Gang,

Another post today about some gubbins that crossed my path. I spend a good amount of time each week going through my favourite third party retailers to see what new stuff has been popping up and recently Kromlech have been knocking it out of the park!

They have recently produced a whole line of under slung heavy weapons as an alternative to the rifle style of GW. I personally prefer this style, with the general position and wrist brace making it seem a damn sight more effective at wielding these weapons. 

Magma Cannon

First up we have a multi melta equivalent which has lovely detail and looks suitably bad ass indeed.


The lascannon looks a damn sight more portable than the GW equivalent too. 

I think these also present ripe opportunities for creating your own kind of powered back pack as the weapons seems to have a decent space at the back for drilling allowing you to add your own power cables in. I'm currently designing some very small lists for 30k to represent loyalist sections of traitor legions on Istvann III so I hope to procure some of these and make a decent review out of them :)

Jump pack Promo! Chaos and Loyalist

Finally I also noticed this morning that they have a 20% off sale on their jump packs till the end of the weekend! The chaos ones I love as they are reminiscent of the old metal raptor jump packs, which are to my mind still the quintessential raptor jump pack, with that slightly sloped intake grill. 

Both sets though do have a more downward angled outlet which looks more realistic and practical to my eye. 

Anyway I hope these are of interest and I'll be back with actual hobby updates tomorrow :)

Peace out,


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