Thursday 22 September 2016

Dracosan Armoured Transport - WIP

Ey up,

More Solar Auxilia work to show you today. The red on this dracosan has been done in the gaps between other projects as it takes soooo long to get to this point. Each panel is a wash of red glaze followed by a carrebourg crimson wash. The red still needs to be sponge weathered with brown and silver and the black needs to be weathered with silver before the whole thing is given a wash of nuln oil. Bits and bobs to touch up before I start the weathering but its getting there!

Peace out,



  1. Very cool! I love this scheme, and it really looks brutal on the Dracosan!

    1. Yeah they are really muscular looking brutes! I have 2 more to do after this one so they should look pretty imposing!

  2. Ooh, lovely. Yeah as Mordian says, broody and brutal.