Saturday 17 September 2016

New Incredible Shields and Vehicle Upgrades for 30k and 40k!!!

Hi Gang,

As you know I am trying to up the content on my blog which shows off smaller companies and individuals that are producing brilliant miniatures and conversion parts for the 30k/40k universe and I have a hell of a guy for you today. His name is Mario and he has begun laser cutting some absolutely beautiful pieces for converting and personalising your space marine legions under the guise of ML Shields. These are very much 30k in theme but I see no reason why you can't use them for your founding chapters either as loyalists or traitors from the Eye of Terror. 

Rather than butcher his work I contacted Mario and he very kindly sent me some written information about himself as well as his amazing new products! One thing to note is that all the pictures are his own painting work as well and manufacturing! The gits is only just in his twenties so he is definitely one to watch for new developments and epic work in the coming years, particularly with the growth in popularity of The Horus Heresy.

Below are some glorious samples of Mario's wares interspersed with his own words :)

My name is Mario, 20, Artstudent and hobbyist in my freetime since more than a quarter of my life. I am the assistant, the designer, the secretary, to post office, the head and the caretaker of ML Shields. Which probably means that I am doing all of it alone. 

So you can be sure that if you open a wellpacked letter with your ordered shields of your dreams, that everything went through my hands!!

So what should I say? I started this project with the intension of making me something not available, payable and without copying something. I know that this is a row of problems a lot of us Hobbyists have, so why not change it? I made a single testshield for my own, was surprised by the high quality and posted it. After two days, I had over hundred shields in order, with more people waiting on different designs. 

That's the moment when you realise as a 20 year old student: "Incoming hours of work in 3...2...1..." and that there is no way back. So I tried to make it as proffessional as possible. First a secret facebook group, to test designs, ask for critics and comments, working on first orders and gain experience. The group grew to over 250 people, I published designs, made customers wishes true, had contact with people all over the world. No I launched my official facebook site, to get more control over it, and saving my private profil from exploding because of incoming messages.
At this point,  I want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for all of my supporters, customers, friends, critic who pushed me again and again to work to my limits. I am serious, running a small company beside two side jobs and university more time consuming than the emperors work on the golden throne. 

You are the hobby mates I want to make happy. My aim is to push the hobby, not my bank account.  I try to improve day by day, garantueeing you the best available quality and designs I can offer. Please understand that beeing an one man army means that time and spontanious complications/problems with machine, access to machine, material, illness etc. is bringing the machine spirit of ML Shields to the level of a servitor.
I can't offer save delivery times, but I give my best to send them out in 1-2 weeks, depending on high demand and other orders. 

They are made out of clear durable plexiglas, not 3D printed. They are lasered out of a plate and sold unpainted. I will sell my shields with fitting Vanguard Shield Arms from Anvil Industries soon, again huge thanks to Joel from AI to support me and I am more then proud to get these great quality of bits added to my shields. 
Upcoming products are: shields in various design, vehicle upgrade kits (tanks, bigger tanks, flyers etc.), markers and so on. 

At the end, I want to get a bit emotional, maybe it is because of sitting here in front of over 15 new products, or because of the smell of lasered plexiglas. Thank you. For the support, the ideas, the great feedback, the pictures of painted products and of course a big thank you to Rob Hill for asking be about this. Hope you guys got some information, for more questions feel free to ask.

Stay lasered, we will see each other on the battlefield!

Best regards, Mario Ruf

So there you have it! From the creators own mouth! These are all available right now! All you have to do is visit Mario's facebook page for all the details on how you can get your hands on these beauties! Incidentally he will be shipping them with arms from the Anvil Industry range who's website you should also visit through the link!

More stuff is coming though! As I mentioned vehicle upgrade bits will be available soon and here is a sneaky teaser for you to feast your eyes on :)

I am very keen to get my hands on these and as soon as I do I will be putting together a comprehensive review for anyone that wants to hold off from buying them till they see what they are like in my grubby hands... 

Just to re-iterate this is the Facebook page of ML Shields and I can't recommend them enough!

Peace out,



  1. Just been scouring the web for shields to make my own wolves breacher squad. These are awesome. Consider them purchased! Thanks for the post :)

    1. I've just got a batch through the post and the quality is extremely high :)

      So much so based on the shields I have bought a whole small loyalist emperor's children force to use them with!

  2. Nice! I may well pick up some of the plainer ones for Arbites Riot Squad conversions. Might even go all the way and commission something like the Transmet CPD "SUBMIT NOW" riot shields.

    1. As I said to naff, the quality is great from my order. I'll be doing a review about them on monday :)

  3. Mario from ML shields is putting together some Iron Snakes shields for me and they are looking ridiculously cool so far. I am starting to picture a whole army of them and what kind of a painting effort that is going to take :-) Thanks for the post, great find!

    1. Yeah the shields are so good I designed a whole force around them with everyone getting a shield! Totally worth it!