Tuesday 6 September 2016

Slannesh Daemonettes - But Why?

How do all,

As the titles suggests I am currently painting Slannesh Daemonettes but I assume the regular readers of my blog might be wondering where on earth they have come from given all the other stuff on my plate? Well maybe not but I'll tell you anyway so put up with it. 

This actually the first half of my first commission project which is a unit of Daemonettes and a unit of Horrors. I painted this one up for the client to see how they liked it, the rest of the unit is not built with just basing sand need and an undercoat before they are ready to proceed with. 

I'm quite excited by the prospect of being paid for my painting skills, not least because it can go into a hobby only kitty to make the burden on my wallet a bit lighter!

If anyone is interested in having something painted I am not charging all that much right now as I get a feel for how I am at this, the value of my skills and whether or not it is actually sustainable as an addition to my hobby. 

If you are interested, please drop me an email at 30kplus40k@gmail.com

Incidentally if you ever want to ask me a question then do just the same email address, I am always happy to chat :)

Peace out,



  1. That looks fantastic - awesome work, man!

    1. Thanks mate :) it was really nice to paint something fresh and different from the norm

  2. These look great Rob, a soon to be lucky owner will enjoy these ;)

  3. Nice work :o) I think I'll get you to paint something for me, just so I can say that you painted it X)

    1. Sweet! I'd love to paint something for you mate :) though you definitely don't need my skills considering yours!