Saturday 26 November 2016

Black Friday/Weekend Deals to Check Out!!

Hi Gang!

I'm a bit late to the game but I thought I'd just chuck you a few deals for Black Friday that are going through the weekend and are well worth checking out! I've also chucked out some none-black Friday deals that are worth throwing your money at!!

These guys make great Terrain and you can get 10% off till the 29th of November!

My old favourite Anvil have a Black Ops Friday sale on their Black Ops range and some selected Exo-Lord items. Cannot recommend them enough!

Kromlech have an amazing amount of Ork and Marine conversion parts and full models on discount this weekend so are definitely worth checking out!

Maxmini are giving a whopping 20% off as well and like Kromlech they have a huge range of parts and figures for legionaries and other races in their range!

Finally don't have black friday so much as bloody awesome deals! You can pre-order the above pre-painted terrain for less than £80! I think thats a damn steal!

Hope that helps empty your wallet ;)

Peace out,



  1. Some good deals there, thanks for the heads up.

    However, for clarity, the deal doesn't include the mat, its just the terrain pieces... Still a good price.

    1. Thanks for that heads up mate :) I edited it quick sharp! I'm getting terrible at replying to people though :( sorry about that!