Saturday 5 November 2016

The 400 Post Give Away! Rogue Trader Style!


This is actually my 398th post of the blog, but I thought it'd make more sense to introduce a giveaway which involves participation before the actual event itself! I started Blogging a year ago in April and as my post yesterday about blogging talks about, I have loved every minute of it! It has been a great boon to my hobby and really made me realise how much I both missed and love the hobby. 

I recently came into possession of 3 very interesting old metal miniatures from way back when in GW's illustrious, infamous, incompetent and illuminating history!

These came to me free, and though I could eBay them for a fairly tidy sum, I'd much rather spread the love and put them out in to the community that helps feed (i.e. you're all damn enablers!) my hobby frenzy and see some true love given to them :). Though you do have to follow me on blogger or google+ to enter :)

These models are:

A Rogue Trader Assassin circa 1989 (The year of my birth!)

A Freeboota Ork Captain

And finally an Avatar of the Harlequins!

I love all these models and winning them does come with conditions because of this! Firstly, how do you go about getting your hands on these goodies? For my first year blog giveaway I just asked for comments from anyone who subscribes to me on blogger or google+ and randomised the winners. But I thought I'd save that for the birthday giveaways and have a little more fun here!

For the model you want to win - and you can only pick one - write a tiny bit of fluff about them in the comments and I will select the ones I like most from the comments and send the lucky winner the model :) easy right!?

When I say fluff, you could write something funny, Grim Dark, ludicrous or even a poem that is instilled with the personality of the character you imagine the miniature to be. Don't feel constrained to proper grammar and all that, I ain't got 'nuffin against that like you's 'ere!? I certainly don't talk the way I write...

Additionally write in your post if you collect space wolves or want to and one of you will randomly be chosen to win The Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar himself:

Entries will have to be in the comments section of this post and this post alone, you can comment on other peoples entries but I won't be having any judging snobbery here no thank you! If you haven't got anything nice to say about the time and effort someone else has put in then keep it zipped!

The deadline for this is 17:00 GMT on Tuesday the 8th of November :) not a big time window so you might as well just have a go and get lucky!

Peace out,



  1. Congrats, only a year? Good job Rob. Hope you get some good com..... *PHffid* "Die traitorous Relictor scum!".... the Assassin whispered before merging with the shadows once more, his silenced Exidus pistol smoke, the only trace of his position. The headless corpse of Siph, a stark reminder of Imperial Justice. One more traitor silenced for the Emperor, one more soul saved.

    1. This one made me cackle, you old traitorous so and so :P

  2. "Oi!!! Me name is Pink-skin Humie Bob!!! I is the captin' of the 'tradin' ship 'No Orkies here'. I's here to bring 'peace' where ever I go!!! [Grins]" last thing heard on on the Emperor's Glory; a small Rogue Trader ship found skuttled and empty; one can only assume that the ship and its crew were invaded by orcs.

    I also want to enter to win the wolf lord mini as well

    Mad Max

    1. The only entry for the Ork but very well written and made me laugh heartily! Pink-skin humie Bob should become a recurring character in your armies sir!

  3. Dont mind about the rouge traders but really would like Logan!!! love your posts btw :)

  4. The Lords of Terra had sent many agents against the High Overlord Thessuis XVth of so called Earth Prime. Some how this pyschotic mad man had swayed his entire people to the belief that he was indeed the true ruler of ancient Terra. His rule had spread over several nearby systems and those most loyal and dangerous of servants sent against him had managed nothing, vanishing without a trace until a house of the Assassinourium was sent, his head was returned as evidence of failure.

    It was time to turn to more archaic measures. Cyrogenicaally frozen archives were unsealed and the contents of the weapons within were brought to full functioning levels. It had been two centuries since this particular Assassin had been thawed out and set to work but only the best would do. For the best one needed to go back to the beginning...

    (Also a huge Space Wolves fan! Thanks for the comepition chance and for your continued blogging.)

  5. The shooting star has been a sign of liberation, retribution, and justice for the people of Kellmer III ever since the night that one flew down, almost faster than the eye could see, and struck the courtyard of the palace of Konuos the Usurper. No explosion followed, but the screams from within could be heard through the rest of the night, even in the city beyond the vast walls of the citadel. The citizens cowered throughout the night, and it was long after dawn that any dared seek a way into the now-silent stronghold. No living thing remained within. Many had been torn asunder, by bolt rounds, or power sword, or some manner of claw, while others showed no more sign of injury than perhaps a tiny pin-prick, but their dead faces were contorted in agony. Naught was found of the usurper but his head.

    Princess Ariela, the true heir to the murdered Imperial Governor, emerged from the refuge where she had hidden from the forces of the Usurper, and began the work of returning the world to its proper, loyal and productive state. Some feared that other rebellious forces might rise again, but none of them were among those who had seen the head of the Usurper. It had been removed with a single clean stroke and left on his throne, adorned with a medallion bearing a single figure: An ornate letter 'A' over an Aquila, the mark of the Officio Assassinorum.

  6. Loving these enteries so far but I feel the Harli should get some love as well, although this cannot count as an official entry I wanted to put some fiction out there for it, if that is ok?

    It was starting to deafen the guards men as much as the fog blinded them. No word had been heard from this new colony for three months. A diverted patrol landed 250 men and 12 armour pieces to put togehter what happened here. But so far they had found nothing in there search of the main compound. Except the tracks leading out towards the nearby sea. The commander spread his troops out and moved them forward. There was no sounds of beast nor bird, not even of the waves themselves as they lapped quietly against the coast. The tracks let straight into the water, swallowed without a trace.

    It was only when they looked back behind them that they saw one brightly coloured figured with an impressive mohawk standing on a rise from mists. Slowly the figure raised his hand towards them and the mists leapt forward to kill...