Thursday 10 November 2016

I Twitter therefore I.... have no Idea What I am Doing

Hi gang,

I've recently set up a twitter account for 30kplus40k to share my posts on there. I'll also be using it as a way to post very small updates of what is just on my desk at any one time or what I'm up to without writing full posts and clogging up newsfeeds.

However I am going to confess I have very little working knowledge of Twitter and so any help on how to best work it and share that I actually have the damn thing would be welcomed heartily :)

You can find me at if you want to follow me, and I would be very appreciative if you could share that around into any Twitter hobby circles that you think would be interested!

Peace out,



  1. Followed! Do a search of some hashtags and pick the ones you want to focus on, i.e. #40K, #wh40K, #warhammer40K are a good start. You should be able to find some 30K equivalents as well. Check the posts on there and see what they hashtag, then add those hashtags to your posts as well. Good luck :-)

  2. Added you already Rob! I got a bit bored of twitter to be honest and only go on about once a week these days. I think it will be better for you though, as I don't really post WIP shots on it.
    Check out trooper's guide on social media and using twitter right I found it very useful when I was starting up.

    1. I think it really makes you appreciate the 40K Google+ community; we are far more active and supportive.

    2. Its an interesting social media thing, I don't get it myself but might as well flog myself on there!

  3. Will find and follow now. I use #warmongers as there are a bunch of us using it to share stuff.