Tuesday 8 November 2016

400th Post Giveaway Winners!

Hello there!

This is the actual 400th post! 400 posts in 20 months makes me pretty gobsmacked and makes me question my general hobby and social habits a little... But I still appear to have friends and at least a sniff of a love interest so to hell with change! Like I've always said, I'd give up smoking but I'm no quitter...

Before I get on to the winners I thought I'd just point out that for giving away Rogue Trader models I decided to use the above piece of Rogue Trader era artwork, which I was reminded of by seeing the beautiful and immortal rendition of that fateful scene in diorama format whilst at Warhammer World on Sunday. Which you can see below!

Despite the obvious age of the miniatures style, the quality of building, posing and painting keeps this diorama looking as beautiful as the first time I laid eyes on it in print, such an iconic image in the background, the artwork and the circulated print of this diorama. Bloody brilliant. 


I haven't responded to anyone's comments yet as I didn't want to add any level of bias to how people might write based on my comments, but rest assured I will go through and add full comments on all of them this week! Each one was great in one way or another, ranging from the comical and short to the (mostly it must be said) long and very well thought out! I was also glad to see a small number of familiar faces commenting rather than a big jump of people just coming on board to win something! Benefits of asking for effort I suppose!

I'll start with... the Assassin!

I was really surprised how in demand this guy was, don't get me wrong he's super cool, I just wasn't expecting it. That made this one the only prize that required real deliberation, being torn between giggles and prose for the winner! But the eventual winner was....


Commiserations to those that didn't get him, hang around for another 4 months and I'll have something special on offer for the big blog birthday giveaway perhaps...

Secondly we have the Free Boota Kaptin!

My personal favourite of the 3 only got one entry, but you made me laugh loud and long....

MORNINGSTAR6661313 aka Mad Max 

So congrats to you!!

And finally we have the poor and much maligned Harlequin Avatar:

Technically the Avatar didn't receive any official entries which was very surprising given its relative rarity and price point. These regularly go for £30-50 on eBay and it is a beautiful model. Using my personal judgement, because its my blog and I can do what the hell I want (Mwahahaha!), the Avatar goes too


I loved that you went all in for fluff even without a chance to win it, so considering you missed out on the Assassin I thought your extra effort merited recognition :)

And finally there was the randomised giveaway for the painted Logan Grimnar model:

A good amount of love for a model I am pretty proud of it has to be said! With 3 entrants you all got two none consecutive numbers from a D6 and the dice gods decided...


Well that concludes this! Rory, Westrider and Mad Max all email me at 30kplus40k@gmail.com and I'll get the postage sorted to you :)

Peace out,



  1. Congrats all. And Rob, that black and white Emperor versus Horus piece is my absolute fav of all time!

  2. Squeeee! So happy about this. I'm running an Army consisting only of Assassins at an event next Summer, and it's gonna be so cool to have something old-school like this in the List. Thanks!

  3. Congrats to the winners! I very nearly wrote something for the avatar but decided not to as I would only have put it straight on eBay.

    Congrats on the posts rob, I know the effort it takes to get there and you've done it much faster than I did, so it's worthy of noting!

    1. Haha I think a house, wife and child might account for the difference in free time to blog!

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  6. Congratulations guys! Enjoy the models, they are fab :-)

  7. Aww yeah two lovely models. I will treasure both of them. I have a squad of old school harliquins, with this one I think I have the full set!

    Plus now I might to kick start my old Space Wolves force since the boss is arriving.

    Mail incoming.

    1. Well I'm looking forward to post up how you all get on with them!

  8. Awesome giveaway man! Congrats to the winners!

    More importantly, congrats on the milestone! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the last 400 posts and look forward to the next 400 - Keep up the fantastic work, man!

    1. Thanks mate, its all the support I get on here that really keeps me highly motivated going forward, lots more stuff to come :)