Wednesday 23 November 2016

Hate vs Vanguard - A narrative Campaign Round Up


This weekend gone I attended an amazing narrative campaign run by Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts (HATE) and versus my own Bristol based Club Vanguard. I won't go through the whol background and rules as they were so in depth I got lost at times! But it was essentially loyalist and traitor 30k forces with Orks thrown in for good measure (with their own Primork rules and someone converted an amazing model for it - see below). On either side nominated members were asked to select an Emperor's Champion or the Chosen of the Pantheon. As you can see from my ugly mug(s) I got nominated for both so despite being thrashed for 4/5 games I was dead chuffed!

Hate is based in Bethnal Greens Working mens club and if you are a local to London I cannot recommend them enough as a wonderful, boisterous, friendly and fun place to go and hobby at :) Enjoy the pictures!

Winner of best army! Matt Woodsmith from Vanguard with his Word Bearers.


Peace out,



  1. Some great looking armies there and fair play for the nominations and all.
    Some lovely looking armies there and all.

    1. Yeah there were some incredibly talented modellers and painters in attendance :)

  2. Great photos Rob. Sounds like a really fun event.