Saturday 15 April 2017

Sons of Horus - Tarik Torgaddon - Complete

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a very happy Easter if you celebrate it :) if not, I hope you are having a very good weekend! I've taken the time off work to get my shattered legion finished, and over this weekend I expect I will have all of it done aside from Garviel Loken. I've got all next week off work, so on Thursday and Friday I will be dedicating work exclusively to getting that bugger finished!

Today though, enjoy some pictures of Torgaddon. I say complete, but his cloak doesn't show up well in the photos. The highlights are much softer in real life, but I will probably go back and blend them, well, at all! So expect him to pop back up at some point, or at least you'll get some snaps during the army shot :)

I hate painting faces, so I am relatively happy with how he turned out in that regard, though buckets of room for improvement!

Peace out,



  1. That's awesome! I think the face turned out looking fantastic, very grim and grizzled. Good stuff, man!

    1. Thanks mate :) I'd love it if they gave him some rules though :(