Monday 10 April 2017

Sons of Horus - Tarik Torgaddon Conversion

Hello again today,

For my shattered legion force, I will have Garviel Loken fulfilling my HQ slot for the Sons of Horus. However, as I wanted this to be a very fluffy force, I decided to give Loken a command Squad so that I could use that opportunity to convert up a Tarik Torgaddon model that looks suitably impressive.

I think that for both the Sons of Horus and the World Eaters, I might expand my small sections into 1000 point armies or maybe 1500, so that I can field them in small scale games or Zone Mortalis games (See previous post today!). In these games I would probably field Tarik as a centurion to give him the appropriate buffs and statline. But here he is just a command squad member. 

I had a little trouble deciding on his loadout, with a variety of weapons mentioned in multiple sources, some said that he occasionally favoured a long hafted axe, so I thought that would look coolest!

Not the greatest conversion, but I think he'll do :)

Peace out,



  1. Lovely, looking forward to the rest of the squad matey!

  2. I dig it - Got a great vibe to the model, good stuff man!

  3. Really good parts selection chief. He came together very well, bravo.

    1. They've become quite eclectic as an army with how many companies I've ended up using!

  4. I think the axe is a good choice, it looks brutal. I have been umming and ahhing over what to arm my Devastator sergeant with, but seeing this has made up my mind: axe FTW!