Wednesday 9 December 2015

Dark Angels Army - 40k Addict - Completed Stamp!

Hi everyone,

So I'm giving myself a big 40k Addict season done stamp today! One of my main aims for the 40k addict season was to pick and start a new army. Now that I have a bona fide little Dark Angels army all painted up now I thought I deserved a stamp! I still have a hell of a lot to do though!

I am chatting to a few people at the moment trying to play games against some of excellent hobbyists I follow on the internets, either bloggers or youtubers. I'd like to use my Dark Angels for this so I have to get a serious shift one! Coming up in the new year, as well as my 30k Dark Angels and 30k Alpha Legion (sooo slowly the Alpha Legion..) I will be starting work on my Ravenwing contingent!

This consists of:

- Sammael
- 5 Ravenwing Bikers
- 1 Attack Bike
- 1 Dark Talon

Now this is a pretty small amount of models, so what I am planning on doing is taking a monday and a friday off and shooing  my girlfriend away to do something with friends and trying to paint all of these over a 4 day weekend. A little personal hobby challenge you might say. We will see how I do!

Anyway, below is a montage of my painted Dark Angels so far just in case you have missed any of them, I will get an army shot completed once I have finished the Bike Mounted Librarian :)

Not bad for 3 months of graft I think :) that time has flown by though!! Need to crack on and clear more of this plastic off my side! Then I can stop butterflying and just have one project to focus on properly...

Peace out,



  1. You'll never stop butterflying mate! I've been painting and playing over 20 years and as soon as I started on my second army I've never had a single project to work on!

    The Dark Angels look stunning though, they're gonna be great al together in an army shot (on some scenery?)

    1. No! I can beat it Nick! I can be the one who can bend the hobby to his will.... *breaks down in tears*

      I am thinking about putting these guys up for Armies on Parade next year so was going to start thinking about a display board for them, so watch this space early (ish) next year :)

    2. Nice one! I'd got a few ideas for an AoP board myself with my terminators, but we'll see, time may get away with me on that one, and they're pretty static models in general.

      Battlefield in a box scenery stuff might work really well with those bases, i think they've got some stuff with ruined columns etc

  2. Congratulations! That's a really impressive lot of minis for three months' work.

    1. Thanks man, it honestly has felt like a lot longer!

  3. Thanks for persevering with the Hobby Season, I'm glad it's helping to motivate and structure what you do. I also envy the way you can crack on with your models as well as 'shooing out the girlfriend' for a long hobby weekend! You should get a stamp just for that! Even if I have the time there is only so much painting I can do before I want to gnaw off my own face, then I stop for about half an hour, it gets to about midnight and then I'lll spend the next 10-15 minutes moving the painted models around, admiring my handiwork until I prize myself out of the shed or even worse, suddenly get a second wind and start painting again until stupid o'clock!

    Keep at it, your relentless pace is definitely inspiring me to continue on my own path of the Fallen.

    1. The hobby season adds that extra sense of completion to a project. I also find my original goal list is good at activating guilt to bring me back towards forgotten projects (Black Templars ahem).

      When I'm in the groove I can sit and paint for a good 12 hours. Other times I can't stand to pick up the brush, we are funny little creatures.

      I love the look of your Fallen, can't wait to see them all done. More painting prizes for you sir!

  4. Congratulations mate, your Dark Angels are inspiring. I love the Librarian reading the book, he is such a great conversion. The pace at which you work just staggers me; I'm still highlighting black on my Ravenwing bikes!

    1. I shall cherish that compliment! I don't get called inspiring everyday you know! I find the hobby is a calm focal point for what can be an otherwise stormy life so I like to give it a lot of love. Plus I'm an impatient rogue!