Wednesday 23 December 2015

Horus Rising AND a Mystery Christmas Present

Hey folks,

So my girlfriend and I have already departed for our separate parentages, so we have already exchanged gifts and said our thanks. My present to her was a bit of a cheat as it was tickets to see Swan Lake in early January which I am also keen to see so bit of a present for me too!

My lovely girlfriend on the other hand bought me a Dostoevsky "double" with Notes from the Underground (one of the greatest works ever written to my mind) and the Double in a single book, and she also bought me Horus Rising after I enjoyed reading The First Heretic so much. Huzzah! Something to get my teeth into over the holidays. 

But, there is more! My girlfriend (Caroline by the way) often struggles with me for presents so she asked me to send her a list of hobby based things I might like. So being the impertinent shit that I am I sent her a list of forgeworld models.... And she has confirmed that something has been chosen!

This list ranges from Armillus Dynat at the bottom end to me being very cheeky and listing a Cerberus Destroyer in there ;) (I did buy her £150 doc martens last year so I don't feel toooo bad:P), so I am much excited!!!

I won't be getting it till into the new year but I am looking forward to the big unveiling and letting you lovely people see!

Peace out,


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  1. Doc Martens are super expensive nowadays, how did that happen? I do have a pretty good pair of DM boots, not the standard leather they use but super thick quality stuff. But they weigh a ton and they're so uncomfortable to wear and to think they were developed by the good old doc primarily for the comfort sole.

    However I also had a pair in school, nubuck tan coloured, my brother got a pair and the smaller size to see which would fit best [we got it through the Littlewoods catalogue so no fittings beforehand]. I ended up with the smaller pair and then he outgrew his and I had them as hand-me-downs. They became my gardening/work boots got them re-soled once for just £7, they lasted me about 20 years until the sole came away again. Even gluing them back together a couple of times wasn't enough and they finely had to be consigned to shoe recycling bin. I;ve got a picture of them somewhere, they were definitely worth the money!