Monday 14 December 2015

Side Projects - Logan Grimnar - WIP

Hey internet,

So as much as I like to play, I don't get to do it regularly, with that in my mind I suppose the majority of my hobby is as a collector and modeller. I am intending to really try and get in a game a week or so in the new year, but I won't play with unpainted miniatures as it just feels plain wrong!

So I often browse ebay and pick up models I just fancy painting, I have a squad of genestealers sitting on my to-do bench because I've always liked their aesthetic. Because I am writing for the Space Wolves blog I decided to pick up a couple of Space Wolves models as cheap as I could and paint them up for some blog posts. I ended up getting the metal Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane and Ulrik the Slayer models for about £13 so a nice cheap group of iconic models (if very dated for Ragnar) to paint. I also picked up a metal space wolves sergeant missing an arm in the same lot. 

Today I'm just going to show you a few of the WIP pictures of Logan Grimnar. I picked to paint this one first as I love the model and it is the only Logan Grimnar that their is for me. The new model is nice, but well, this one is better! The bit I've painted is actually finished more or less, but I still have his arm and cloak to paint separately and the base to do.



Layered till done 

I'm quite pleased with how he is looking considering this was a couple of hours work discounting the drying stages for the wash. I have some arctic tundra grass tufts that I thing will go on his base along with gravel and a bit of snow effect which should look nice. 

Thoughts always welcome :)

Peace out,



  1. I've got both versions of Logan, and I definitely prefer this one. I'm in the process of re-working the newer one so he's less Logan Grimnar and more Thor...IN SPAAAACE, but I'm having trouble finding good goat minis in the right size to pull the chariot.

    1. That sounds literally awesome. The inspiring of the awe. I eagerly await!

      This mini just has "old man winter is pissed off" written all over it. I love its dynamic posing.