Wednesday 30 December 2015

Recommended Independent Model Companies - Heresy Miniatures

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As well as reviewing other blogs that I read I've decided to also give a shout out to some of the smaller model companies out there who absolutely deserve more attention. Both for the quality of their work but also the professional and awesome nature by which they trade. 

I've already spoken a fair bit about Anvil Industry, but today I am going to be having a look at Heresy Miniatures a small independent company that males fantastic fantasy pieces, very quirky pulp pieces and my absolute favourite is their sci-fi trooper range which will be making up a small storm trooper contingent for me. Heresy is run by a chap named Andy Foster, who is an active and friendly user of facebook both as himself and as his heresy miniatures facebook page. 

On his website he has an excellent blog which details his life as an owner of a miniature company. Read any post from this blog and you will immediately see his dedication to not only the hobby but to his customers. An absolutely 100% stand up guy. 

I'm just going to go through and discuss some of the models from his ranges and why I bloody love them. All pictures are taken from Heresy Miniatures website and are not my own work or photography.

Sci-Fi Troopers - The Guard Elite?

I love these guys. They have an excellent space trooper aesthetic which is nicely proportioned to fit in with a 40k style of heroic scaling and they have a wonderful industrial chunky look to them. The chem sprayer/flamer chap is absolutely one of my favourite models, but a close second is the gnarled face of the veteran officer. Looks like he should be leading a crack squad from the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum, or be the head henchman of an inquisitors posse to me. Take a look and see bellow:

Pulp Gangs - Necromunda Anyone!?

With the suggested (dare I say imminent) re-release of Necromunda with the resurrection of the Specialist Games wing of GW, there couldn't be a better time to look at the pulp gang range that Heresy Miniatures offer. They have some absolutely stonking models with a cool swagger about them that would fit well into any underhives nefarious criminal organisations. Painless Joe and his plasma cannon or minigun are awesome miniatures as well as the artfully named "Tiny" with his rocket launcher. But its the slo-motion gunslinger and the laspistol sword wielding ganger that would make it as my leader I think. Gaze on their coolness:

The Undead - Fantastical Fantasy Miniatures

Amongst all the excellent fantasy miniatures that Heresy Miniatures make my favourites are easily the line of undead models they sell. They have some brilliant ghouls and zombies which exude a real level of menace that I think supersedes that of GW's own brand minis. Equally there are some excellent Vampire and Lich/Warlock/necromancer models that do a great job of filling gaps in the static model lines of GW, in particular the Manbat form vampire cries out to have zome armour plates converted on to make it truly badass (batass... hehe). Though the last word in awesome here is the ghoul king for me, an absolutely brilliant model that I'd love to make use of. Maybe as a Daemon prince of nurgle?

All and Sundry

As well as selling excellent models, Heresy also offer an excellent line of hobby tools and materials for the keen converter or sculptor with really well priced offerings. Particularly of note is the 32mm bases they sell which are £2 for 15 compared to GW's £3 for 10. If you are making up a 32mm based space marine force look no further for where to buy them from!


I cannot enthuse enough about the miniatures and the ethos of this company. In edition to everything they already offer, there are more excellent models coming via way of a funded kickstarter which includes some epic looking daemons! You can find pictures of them as pre-orders or you can also see the model in development on either Andy's facebook page or the Heresy Miniatures facebook page with regular updates of how the casting is going with very cool details about the whole process. 

In short, there are some absolute gems here for most people and I encourage you to have a snoop and shop at this awesome companies webshop :).

Tomorrow will be the final instalment of my Horus Heresy Alpha Legion review with Alpharius Omegon, the Primarch! 

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  1. They really do have some great miniatures; I am thinking about getting the Veteran Officer for a friends Van Diemen's World squad. He will look even better with a slouch hat :-)

    1. I will be doing a review of the veteran officer upgrade kit when my models arrive :)

  2. nanananananananananananananananananaMANBAT!

    I like the Special and Heavy Weapons, but not so much on the basic dudes.

    Damn. Even with international shipping factored in, their 32mm bases are way cheaper than GW's. Not to mention that they're set up for either drilling for magnets or cutting slots for old metal minis with tabs.

    1. Bahaha! Yeah I can see not to everyone tastes, I'll be reviewing some along with converting them which might appeal more.

      Also bought a load of the bases so I can get on re-basing more dark angels!

  3. I've got 30 odd troopers for my assorted sci fi gaming, they are the bees knees. Big fan of the large monsters too - the dungeon troll and man bane the Minotaur are highlights for me

    1. Ah I totally forgot about the Minotaur! Excellent choice sir. I really am excited for all the new things coming out and am looking forward to backing Andy's next kickstarter