Wednesday 16 December 2015

Logan Grimnar - Finished

Hi space puppy fans,

Just a quick post today to show off my finished Logan Grimnar. If you are interested in how I painted him I will detail each colour section on the Space Wolves blog which is why I bought and painted this guy up. I am actually really happy with how he turned out for a quick job and it is one of my all time favourite models from 40k, very iconic to me personally. 

Also the skin underneath the cloak looks awesome but I couldn't get any pics of it after I glued it on :(

Till next time,

Peace out,



  1. The face and the fur on the cloak are particularly well done.

    The right shoulder, tho, looks kind of rough. I'm not sure if it's just the curve of the shoulderpad or an actual error, but the line between the yellow and the black looks sort of wonky. Could also use one more layer of highlighting there, the wash left it looking kinda dingy too.

    I'm also not sure how I feel about the axe. I know that's how you generally do Power Weapons, but it feels a little off here. I think I'd either go with a darker red, like the official model, or a pale ice blue.

    1. Thanks man as always! The wonky line is a mould line that I didn't notice till I started painting and couldn't be bothered filing off as this was just a pet procrastination project. The black line was only added to the shoulder pad to disguise it, not well enough it seems!

      I will go back and try and fix it and alter the yellow a little too, I hate painting yellow with a sordid passion.

      I get what you mean about the axe, I was thinking about taking it to a darker red, I don't like blue axes with blue/grey armour just too blue altogether for me.

      I'm pleased you mentioned the face though as I am very happy with that aspect :)

      Will probably fiddle with this guy in that dead period between christmas and new year!

    2. Ah, yes, I know how that goes. The variation I really hate is when I strip something I painted ages ago, and just assume that I did all the cleanup right the first time, and then start painting it again only to find mold lines and flash and threads and whatever else that I didn't bother taking care of when I was a teenager :P

      Do you have any Averland Sunset? I've found the latest round of Base paints to take so much of the headache out of painting red, yellow, and white.

      Personally, I don't think it's possible to have too much blue and grey, but I know what you mean. I'd darken up the red in that case.

      Also, maybe figure out some way to get some red or possibly yellow down on one of his legs. Perhaps some simple freehand Army Badge that's just a diamond or something. Or something brightly coloured lying on the ground at his feet or something. Looking at him again, all the strong colour is pretty much on one line, from the Storm Bolter to the Axe, and I think it might help frame the model as a whole better if there were something out of that line, to bring the eye back instead of sort of shooting along the line of bright colour and onward off the model itself.

    3. Haha I haven't quite reached that stage :P

      THe yellow is actually averland washed with nuln oil and then just line highlighted back with averland, I much prefer dark yellows to light ones, but I might give the open surfaces a very thinned layer of averland almost like a wash.

      I think I will be darkening up the red at some point on the axe.

      Interesting point about framing, not the kind of thing that really enters my mind (I'm a scientist damn it not an artist :P!!!) I think a little red on the leg may be my choice.

      Thanks man :)

    4. Yeah, I think bringing all the yellow flats back up to Averland would help. That would stay dark, but clean up the splotchiness from the wash.

    5. I think I might give it a very thin layer, I see what you mean about the splotch but I quite like to keep it as dark as it now.