Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Last Crusade - Selling the Black Templars

Howdy hey gang,

Sadly, my laptop is dying and I am in dire need of replacing it, to this end I have decided to part with my oldest army the Black Templars. These guys were a huge labour of love for me at the time and they have seen plenty of action on the tabletop, but they are the most dated in terms of appearance as my painting skill has progressed and so I have decided to put them up for sale to help pay for a new laptop. 

I very much like having a two-way relationship with you as readers of my blog so I thought I would give you all first dibs before I put them up for sale in other places (eBay of course being the last resort with russian roulette bidding). 

Below are the pictures of all the models I am selling in closer detail:

As well as all the above that is fully painted I also have a squad of Sword Brethren converted to be vanguard vets/command squad as below:

And the whole bunch together:

The unpainted models can be supplied with either jump packs or regular back packs, though neither are anything special. 

Every single model has a Black Templar unique piece of wargear or shoulder pad on it except the neophytes which are just metal edition scouts. 

Anyway, sorry to plug my stuff at you! If anyone is interested then please do chuck me a message with any questions and offers, don't be afraid about what your offer is I'm quite happy to sell these at a discount to a reader compared to what I will put them up on eBay for, plus it would save me a lot of hassle with eBay fees. Cash on collection or paypal is what I'll be taking for this by the way :)

Back to less begging style posts tomorrow!

Peace out,



  1. That's a great looking army, man! Always a bummer to have to let an army go, but needs must sometimes.

    1. Thanks man! Quite the platitude coming from you!