Monday, 29 May 2017

Warhammer Fest Golden Demon - A Finalist Pin! (Finally)

Hey all,

So I went to Warhammer Fest this Sunday gone with Serena (my girlfriend) and had an absolute blast! Not only was there lots to see and do, but I also got to have a quick catch up with the lovely Mike of StandWargaming as well as finally chat with Lawrence and the Chef from Table Top Tactics

All the staff were as lovely and friendly as you can expect from all Games Workshop events and there is plenty to interest someone not massively into the hobby like Serena, who also had a great time chatting to the designers and playing the video games...well worth a watch that one!!

But for me the big deal was entering the Golden Demon! I'm not exactly aiming for the top spot, but I am aiming to get to the finalist stages at the moment, I'll set my eyes on a bronze in the future I assure you! And I was very very pleased to come away with a finalist pin for my Yncarne model!! Particularly pleasing was that there were 3-4 other Yncarne models on show and mine was the only one to make the finalist stage so I was very pleased. 

Warhammer Fest is the biggest unrestricted Golden Demon Event in the UK with the others throughout the year having themes such as Enemies of the Imperium. The field was massive and absolutely beautiful. Go follow the link to Mike's blog above to see some of the stunning entries!

I'm very pleased with my pin and I will be aiming higher at the next one :) For now here are some pictures of my Yncarne that won me a pin, I re-painted the hair for the event and I think that was key!

Peace out,



  1. Congratulations dude, well earned and deserved for a stunning mini :)

  2. So many congratulations rob!!!!

  3. That's absolutely fantastic mate! Well done indeed!

  4. A worthy placing for sure, you did a great job on that model. It must have been some tough competition.

  5. Congrats Rob! Great catching up with you on Sunday, glad you had a good time.

  6. Nice work pal, thoroughly deserved!

  7. Congratulations! Be sure to mention that whenever you're talking up your painting commission service in the future :D

  8. Congratulations mate! Well deserved recognition for some great work :-)