Monday 1 May 2017

Warhammer Fest 2017 - Come Say Hi!

Good afternoon!

So after some schedule shenanigans with my lovely girlfriend, we are both heading down to Warhammer Fest on Sunday the 28th of May in Coventry. If any of you fine people are also going, then please do keep an eye out for me and feel free to come and say hello :)

I'm going, partly to peruse what's coming up from GW and FW, but I'm also going to be trying my grubby little hand at getting a Golden Demon pin again! This time I have had more time to prepare than when I went to the Enemies of the Imperium specific Golden Demon last October. 

The only thing I'm sure I'm going to be entering however is Garviel Loken:

Obviously, the standard will be stratospheric, but I am quietly hopeful that Loken has a chance of getting a pin. Other possible entrants include my Yncarne, though I need to put some time and effort into sprucing that up I think, particularly the white/grey hair section. 

My Krios Venators might also be making a trip for entry into the vehicle category:

They're probably a bit too plain to make any kind of splash, but I think they are the best I've got for a vehicle at the moment. The only other contenders would my Dracosan tanks from the Solar Auxilia, but my dirty red style probably just looks cheap and hurried under a Golden Demon light!

Anyway, please do feel free to keep a look out for me on the Sunday and come and say hi :)

And if you have any strong feelings on what you think my best work is for putting into any of the categories, such as monstrous creature, squads, or vehicles, then do say! I'm not set on anything other than Loken right now :).

Peace out,



  1. Ah Rob, we (WeeMen) are attending Saturday and WHW on the Sunday so we'll miss you! Dammit

    1. Thats a bugger! Are you entering the games or just going to mooch?

  2. Good luck in the comps dude. I won't be at WHF but hope you have a blast :)

    1. I will feel pretty privileged to get a single pin at the end of the day! You should DEFINITELY enter your stuff at least once Naf!

  3. Damn it! I'm in Glasgow that weekend for a gig. Will need to catch you next time.