Friday 26 May 2017

Warhammer Fest Reminder and Winters SEO Battle Report

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder that I will be at warhammer fest this Sunday so please do come and say hi if you are around and have a natter :)

In other news, I filmed a battle report with my shattered legion against Winters SEO's Sons of Horus yesterday and it was an awesome game! I will give you all a heads up when it arrives. Plus we may have discussed some other future plans which should be exciting ;)

Just a short post today, I'll probably be absent for a few days with prep for warhammer fest and the Ban Holiday off with my lovely girlfriend Serena (who is also coming to warhammer fest!) but I'll be back next week in short order :)

Peace out,



  1. Will miss you mate, up Saturday and WHW Sunday

    1. Real shame! Its always good to catch up with people in the real world :)