Monday 19 October 2015

Converted Bike Mounted Dark Angel Librarian - WIP

Good day to you internet,

So originally, to complete my Librarius Conclave I was going to buy a Scibor mounted Knight, which already has strong Dark Angels (but not Dark Angels obviously...) iconography running through, but when I was browsing eBay I chanced across a rogue trader chaplain on a bike going cheap and I decided to use that instead. This both saved me money but also will hopefully result in a slightly more unique figure on the tabletop.

And here it is converted with both a new head from the Dark Angels Veterans sprue, as well as a cloak for the win. Its all glued together as it was very difficult to get the position right and I didn't fancy trying to assemble it after painting...

Overall I like the brutal rat bike look of this bike far more than the overly chunky scheme of the current space marine bikes. The 30k outrider bikes are however beautiful and remind me of my dream bike out of Akira.

Thoughts always welcome.

Peace out,



  1. Looking very tasty pal - though the first pic made me think you'd modelled some kind of lightning leaping from his fingers!

    1. Haha I can't unsee that now you've said it Nick! It's a great little bike and its a shame elements like the spiked metal tires weren't carried on.

  2. I also have some serious love for those RT-era Models. Nice find, and very cool conversion from it!