Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Legio Cybernetica Grows - The Forge World Provides

Hey people,

So I am about 70% Done on my two Thanatars with final highlights, black covered by blood effect and blue OSL to do. I still have to assemble the bases though I have all the bits handy ready to do so. Unfortunately I have not made any progress on my HQ so I am going to have to bust a gut to get it done before this Saturday! 

In other news there is an upcoming 30k tournament being put together by my local club (who is also hosting the tournament this weekend). There has been a good expression of interest in this tournament and they are planning on the points limit being 2500 points to allow the big beasts of the age of darkness to be played. 

With that in mind I did a bit of an Easter shopping and bought 2 of each of the following:

 Domitar Battle Automata

Krios Venator

I also bought the updated mechanicum army list book which allowed me to get the free express shipping over £250... A bargain ;) For a little bit of context on the Domitar Battle Automata here's a size comparison with a castellax which is on a 60mm base...

I have some really cool conversion/posing ideas for the Domitar so I'm really looking forward to getting them! The Domitar and The Krios Venator will get their own reviews in time (after I finish the EC reviews) but to summarise, the Venator has a 4 shot ordnance S9 AP2 gun... And the Domitar has S10 at initiative attacks as well as a small blast missile launcher AND he forces everyone to make disorganised charges! In the Legio Cybernetica he will hit at Initiative 4 so two of them will wreck face....

I'm probably going to move straight into these after the tournament is over as I have my eye in and I'm not bored of painting the mechanicum yet! To fill out a 3000 point list I intend to buy a Cerastus Knight Atrapos...

I hope this has whetted your appetite some. Also I WILL be answering all comments tomorrow on my work break as I have quite the back log, which is good I suppose but sorry for taking so long!

Peace out,



  1. My heart and wallet are hurting here. I so want a Legio army but I could never afford those prices. Fair play to you.

  2. Those robots are super cool. I want two too :)

    1. I have seen some very nicely posed versions of the Domitar so I hoping to get something really dynamic set up :)

      Also, please collect mechanicum!

  3. I discovered your extensive Mechanicum coverage in the past week and I've read almost everything, there's some good stuff here. I myself have about 1500 points of Mechanicum painted and about 2000 in total.
    Currently painted:
    Arch-Magos on Abeyant
    Kitbash Magos
    15 Thralls (10 Las, 5 Mitra)
    9 Thallax
    2 Castellax (1 Power Blades/Flamers/Multi-Melta, 1 Bolt Cannon/Bolters/Shock Chargers)
    1 Domitar (Ok fine, he's 85% done)
    1 Thanatar

    Easily one of the best hobby projects I've ever worked on. Looking forward to more Mechanicum writings.

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed my little mechanicum corner Mr Chaplain sir!

      You've got a nice spread of models there! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the Domitar!

      Do you have any pics on the web of them? I'm always keen to see others work and take some inspiration from them, particularly in terms of posing, as these models are great for being so variable in that sense.