Sunday 20 March 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Mechanicum Warlord Traits

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After a (literally) back breaking weekend of moving house I am laid up on pain killers as my arms attempt to detach themselves from my body. I think they are aware that the main parts of me are broken and have the made the wise decision to attempt to jump ship... Alas I am too strong for them and they have been forced into the servitude of blog writing!

As I am still in the process of unpacking all my models and paints etc. etc. you are likely to get a lot more review articles out of me this week then actual hobby progress. But I have a 5 day weekend coming up as the joy that is British Bank holidays as well as additional University Closure days will give me some good hobby time to probably get close to completing my mechanicum if not actually making!

Anyway, long story short, here's a quick look at the Mechanicum specific warlord traits in 30k :)

1 - Master of Mechanisms - You can give any one unit of monstrous creatures of squadron of vehicles (with at least one AV of 12+) the It Will not Die Special Rule.

This is very effective in Cybernetica and Reductor armies where you will have at least one or the other and can help make them more independent from Cybertheurgy and Battlesmith characters who would normally help keep them alive.

2 - Perfected Targeting - The warlord can make his own weapon or any HEAVY weapon within 6" twin-linked for that turn (usable every turn).

This is an excellent rule, works particularly well with scattering weapons as you already have the option to increase a lot of your heavy weapons to BS5 as they are commonly on battle automata that can take Enhanced targeting. So used on a Thanatar's Hellex Plasma Mortar its brilliant.

3 - Predictive Augury - Warlord and his unit hit on 5/6 with overwatch.

Joint lowest in my regard as ideally you don't want to be locked up in combat and units that will get locked up, like Thallax, have low rate of fire weapons anyway. Would be nice on a blob of Adsecularis covenant, but ideally they would be fearless with their additional Rite, but that prevents overwatch! Not bad, especially if you have given your warlord a rotor cannon or such, but nothing amazing.

4 - The Death of Flesh - All mechanicum detachment untits have preferred enemy within 3" of an objective.

Helps your mobile units be more effective at killing, very pleasant and can help in maelstrom if you move into 3" range and need to clear a unit off it to score that objective. It specifies just within 3", not controlling the objective.

5 - Dread Rites - The Warlord and any unit he joins cause fear and are immune to it. They also have adamantium will.

Somewhat situational, though much more useful on 30k due to the lack of fearless being so omni-present. Can really help against a dedicated melee squad that you want to be hitting you as little as possible whilst bringing them down. Librarians and psychic powers, in my experience, are much less prevalent so adamantium will isn't that hot, but it doesn't hurt and its good that you get the two buffs so hopefully at least one should apply.

6 - Battlefield Analysis - You can lower the cover save of any piece of terrain on the battlefield in the enemies deployment zone by -1.

Coupled with the -1 you get from enhanced targeting array or the -2 you can get from Thallax Djinn sight, you can take a 5+ piece of cover completely away from the enemy or reduce a 4+ to a 6+ at the worst. A really nice warlord traits which synergises with the army so well.

Overall - no really duff traits and 4 of them are really very helpful. Master of Mechanisms, Perfected Targeting and Battlefield Analysis are my favourites in ascending order as they gel incredibly well with how the Mechanicum work as an army already and invariably will benefit you regardless of your plat style. Generally better thought out (as 30k tends to be) than most 40k warlord traits that are coming out recently on the whole.

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  1. Great rule my favorite one is perfected targeting.
    As always thx for the review

  2. Here is hoping for a swift recovery for your various broken body parts, not that I mind the reviews but the lack of movement would be no fun.

  3. Thanks for the reviews on the Mechanicum, I've been starting to make up a list of the things I want for my tech-boys to field. Your reviews really help out.