Friday 13 May 2016

Thanatar Calix-Class Siege Automata - More Reinforcements!

Hi Readers,

In an attempt to be more frugal recently I have been trying to trade and sell as much as I can for new toys. This includes my magic cards but also any spare models I am happy to part with as well as things going up on eBay as well. Soon enough my halted and abandoned 30k Dark Angel Project will be going up for sale. Though if anyone wants it I am happy to let it go for a small price if I know where its going and can check up on it, so shout out if you do!

BUT the point of this article is that I traded a spare Castellax plus some cash for a Calix-Class Siege Automata! These things really do live up to their name! Admittedly they only have a single shot S10 Lascannon along with a haywire template but they are cool so its fine! Plus with BS5 from enhanced targeting you're only missing on a 1! Here are some pics of it as I have it right now :)

In addition to its shooting attacks you can see its FU**ING HUGE Graviton Ram fist thing! This is S10 but is a D slap to the face against any buildings. Not that building appear to often in my meta but if you put one down I will kill it...

Expect a review on this in short order as well as WIP pics!

Peace out,


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