Monday 30 May 2016

Double Trouble - 750 points Mechanicum Army

Hey Gang,

I'm going to be heading to Double Trouble, an excellent sounding doubles tournament run by Alex at From the Fang. I'll be heading up with Dan a guy from my local club and  several other blogger mates are going to such as Mike, Nathaniel and Dave from St Andrews Wargaming, Objective Secured and 40K Addict respectively. So all in all much merriment shall occur!

The List I am taking is not the most competitive but I really enjoy playing it and I hope my army will do well in one of the painting competitions. Though with the above guys going I am not stuck for amazing competition!


Archmagos Prime Ordinator - This guy is survivable with 3 toughness 5 wounds behind a 2+/3++ save. Additionally he can call a large blast S8 AP3 ordnance shot down like a chapter master, except he gets D3 shots. Plus as he is relentless he can do it on the move. He will be accompanying the Scyllax and should be able to tank wound for them as they move to the enemy. 


Scyllax Guardian Automata - These buggers number 4 and are just stock except with frag grenades to get them through cover better. They pump out a decent number of attacks and can basically opt for a S7 smash at initiative 1 that will double out T4 creatures due to rad effects. T5 gives them fair survivability especially when the Magos Tanks,

Thallax - Six Thallax with no additional extras. Leadership 8 stubborn jet pack infantry with T5 and 18 wounds all in, these guys are hardy even with a 4+ save and a 6+ FNP as their defence. Six S7 rending shred shots is nothing to sniff at, neither is 18 S5 attacks on the charge!

Heavy Support

Krios Venator - One of these give me a four shot S9 AP2 tank with effectively AV14 on the front hull due to its flare shield. Whilst the rest of the army is generally geared for moving forward and engaging, this guys wants to sit back and shoot all day long!


A very small elite army that will do well with a partner that has more mobility and numbers. Short of Strength 10 weaponry though, these guys will take A LOT of shifting. That is also an 18 wound majority toughness 5 OBJECTIVE SECURED unit. Woop! 

However if my partner is similarly elite, that will probably spell trouble. Should be good fun all round though :)

Army Pictures

In the above picture you can the finally finished pilots of the Krios Venators in their yellow bedecked glory also!

Peace out,



  1. Make sure you post lots of pictures of the tournament! The army looks great :-)

    1. Definitely! I'm hoping the smaller game number will help with my picture and note keeping :) sure you can't make it mate ;) hehe

  2. The army looks great. If I come up against you, I'll just need to drown you in Orks to try and take them out!

    1. Orks can drown anything! I'd rather play with you! Your numbers would help balance my lack of bodies!

  3. And perhaps more important than how it does in Games, it looks FANTASTIC.

  4. Replies
    1. Won't see any knights because of the tournament format thankfully.

  5. It looks great pal, as always!

  6. Love it rob! Was thinking "oh how will I deal with that" and then realised I also needed to think "how would I work with that"! Looking forwards to seeing it in the flesh!

    1. Yeah! I've seen a few lists and gone ooooooh nasty! Then but if they are on my side ;)

      I'm looking forward to seeing yours too!

  7. Sounds lkke a lot of pain coming someones way.

  8. Great army mate, I wish I'd stuck with the Wulfen now as some of the other armies seem somewhat hard!!