Thursday 12 November 2015

Blog Wars X - Tournament Rundown and loads of PICS!

Hey peoples!

So I went to Blog Wars X on Saturday 7th and had an absolute blast! I'm afraid my excitement got the better of me and I didn't take pictures of my games as I was very carried away with the whole event but I will give a quick run-down of each game I had anyway! If you want some excellent battle reports I suggest you head over to this BLOG run my Mike who also competed at blog wars and did very well indeed! He is also a whizz at writing shorthand and taking pictures on the fly and his reports are very reminiscent of when White Dwarf did full in depth reports. Also a cracking blog and lovely bloke!

And it was meeting many people who I chat to on blogs in the flesh that made this event particularly fun, it was a very enjoyable meet and greet with everyone there for a fun time indeed!

I didn't want any prizes sadly, and the painting competition really highlighted (pun!) just how far I have to go to even dream of competing at these sort of events for those prizes. That level seems very unattainable right now, but hopefully in a couple of years I can say differently! Hope springs eternal and all that...

In terms of games they broke down as thus:

Game 1 - I got absolutely minced by a Nurgle Daemon list, it just ripped me to pieces and I was the second person to be tabled, narrowly missing out on a prize for being the first to be tabled! But it was a fun game knowing I couldn't win it and my opponent was very friendly and it was a blast regardless!

Game 2 - I played an absolutely fantastic gent called Graeme who had a bloody awesome converted squat imperial guard army with Zeppelins! Pictures of his army can be seen below! This was the one game where the Death Company worked as planned and I slowly ripped my way through his force, but it was a 6 turn game and I was disgustingly lucky on my armour and feel no pain rolls. As well as when my storm raven was brought down it scattered onto a squad of his vets killing 2! I got near full points on this game which sadly probably spelt doom for me in Game 3!

Game 3 - This chap was the unlucky soul who snatched the fastest tabling from me in game 1! But he also had a stonking game 2 and we ended up facing each other. A really nice guy with some beautiful black/red/purple grey knights and white scars for the main body of his force. Highlight for me include destroying a squad of grey knight terminators and librarian in one nasty assault on my turn 1 and also getting 4 S8 AP2 wounds on his special character the Khan himself who then rolles two 2's a 1 and a 3 for his jink saves! SO despite skilled rider he bit the dust. But as this was maelstrom and he had first turn I just couldn't keep up and his shooting took just enough bit out of me that I was always backpedalling and his manoeuvrability kept him out of my angry claws.

So a strong win and 2 heavy losses. Not too shabby overall, both of my losses were mismatches to some degree, though I feel I could have played better in game 3, though I am sure he would have still won but by a smaller margin. Game 2 was the most fun I had and had me laughing the whole way through.

Below are the pictures for best painted army, best painted special character and best converted army. They are absolutely gorgeous all of them, but alas you can see the skill gap from my lemartes to the other special character so more practise needed!

Before I leave you with pictures I would like to chuck a thanks out to Mike, Dave and Naff (I know its nathaniel but Naff is just a cool name) from, and who made me feel extremely welcome and were all to a man lovely people, as much as you ever might guess from the respectively great blogs.

And a final special note to Dan who came up from Bristol Vanguard club as well, as he took a turn 1 tabling in the face from D-scythes against his all reserve drop pod/flyer army. Sorry that happened Dan! Damn dirty eldar...

Oh and pleasure to meet Ian Plumpton as well :)


Sadly I had to leave to catch a train before all the results were in so I don't know who won the AMAZING raffles prizes (the boxes behind the special character pictures which included a ghost keel and storm surge models) or how the overall places turned out so hopefully they will be up on Alex's blog who organised the event amazingly with great humour. Till then though

Peace out,



  1. Graeme's Squats are great, I played him a couple of Blog Wars ago. That's one of the great things about the tournament, and hopefully it will continue in whatever form it takes in the future, in that you see a lot of familiar faces and even if you don't get to face someone this time you may get to next time. And also seing regulars turn up again means you can actually create friendships, so when you add in the interaction which you may have with other bloggers can really help make the event that much more relaxed and fun

  2. I played Graeme last time at Blog Wars 9 - must be something about the guy cos that was my favourite game too!

    Glad you had fun, hopefully we'll both be able to get to the next tournament, whatever format it happens to be - I was sat round the house on Saturday grumpy because I couldn't be there, haha!

    ps - I think your lemartes has every right to be sat in amongst those others - some people may be insanely talented but that's just how it is and your efforts certainly don't look out of place.

    1. It would be a pleasure to meet you Nick and hopefully have a game with you too! I had a great blog wars but it would have been good fun to play Mike, Dave or Naff. Grumpy husband and a baby, I feel sorry for your Wife!

      Thanks Nick, I appreciate that. I guess I just see all of its flaws and I am trying to push myself forward. Can't shake that lazy habit though :P

  3. Cheers for the shout out Rob! Was awesome to finally meet you at Blog Wars. I agree with Nick, your army looked amazing in person and I ended up voting for Lemartes for best character! Pity we didn't get a Ravenwing on Death Company tussle, all that black armour on the table would have bee a sight.

    The blog wars battle reports will be up Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week, just finishing them off at the moment. I had to finish up my Rapid Fire reports and wanted to review the new White Scars rules and update on my campaign and ..... and ....... (never thought I'd complain about having too much content for the blog!).

    1. It can be so hard when there's stuff you want to write but not enough time to do it and then you may feel as though it's too much effort. At times like those you need to assess whether you are wrting the blog or the blog is 'writing' you. Definitely feeling that myself at the moment. So much I want to get off my chest, but so much I actually want to do, it's almost a compulsion and when I just want to take a break I feel really uncomfortable because of lack of progress.

      THAT my friends is a sign of a 'problem', hence why its an addiction. THIS is a public service announcement to make you aware of the signs and make sensible judgement calls on that behaviour moving forwards. I know it might sound like I'm making light of things, and I am, but only a little as mostly this is serious. Immersing yourself wholly in the hobby, with the blogging, gaming and painting is a recipe for 'issues'. If you become aware that it might be too much then best take a little breather somehow, not sure how to advise or else I'd be doing it myself ;)

    2. Woo I got a vote! Thanks Mike :) yeah it would have been great to have face off against you, but it was great to chat away with you anyway especially with our Blog starting at such similar times!

      You had a great run as well with your army and it looked fab with all of black jinking vehicles on the table top.

    3. And you are rapidly becoming the Obi-wan of this corner of the blogosphere Dave! Great advice handed out all round, I know I certainly appreciate your advice handidly :)

  4. Great to meet you there dude, was a real pleasure :). Shame we could not have a faceoff between the death company and thunderwolves, but there is always the next one (whatever form it will take) :)
    I was really impressed with your army, and I think you do yourself a disservice by not taking credit for all your effort, it all looked really good :)

    1. Thanks Naff, I look forward to seeing you at some other events and maybe having the time to grab a pint rather than dash for the train! I think I was just a bit awed by all the amazing painting there really and a bit like with your storm wolf flyer, I over reacted :P

      Thank ee for the kind words and hope to see you in Bristol next year!

  5. Pleasure to meet you and see those Death Company in the flesh. Maybe next time I can bring some of my own Sons of Sanguinius (If I manage to get them painted up in time for Alex' next event!)

    1. I particularly enjoyed our commiserations brigade on the fire escape :P Hope to see you at another event run by Alex in the future.