Saturday 14 November 2015


Hi Readers,

Just made my excuses and ran from my girlfriend so that I could pick up my pre-ordered Betrayal at Calth and have a look at what's inside! This article is just going to be a quick overview of what you get with front and back pictures of all the sprues and a look at all the other bits and bobs. I will do a more in depth look during the week and hopefully get a few models built and converted for you to peruse :)

The Box opened

The characters Captain Aethon and Kurtha Sedd

The contemptor dreadnought Sor Gharax

The terminators

And the Tactical Marines - you get 3 each of these Sprues (6 pictures for front and back of each)

The Transfers sheet

The instructions for building the models - just the front cover

The bases for completeness

The dice and cards for the game

The front and back of the sealed tiles (I didn't want to get them out and muck them up just yet)

The Rulebook cover

And some choice pages of content

Plus back pages advertisement for forgeworld!

PHEW! That's a lot of photos for you guys to digest! Enjoy them and try not to order too many of the boxes yourself! As you can see the sprues and the entire boxset are of an extremely high quality and I cannot wait to start clipping these sprues and putting the models together. I haven't yet checked the results of my poll to see which legion these guys will be being painted as but I am excited whichever one it is!

As I said tune in later in the week for more pictures and thoughts on this latest GW boxset.

Peace out,



  1. I got my box today - it was heavier than I supposed :P
    I LOVE the content - I've got one termie with drying basecoat on him already! How will you paint your models?

    1. The boxset is just very well put together, everything besides the model too, very plush.

      I have been guided towards the Alpha Legion so I am currently toying with schemes for that. How about yourself?

    2. Alpha Legion - nice. I like this legion:D

      I'm making Iron Hands, 1 termie is already done, dreadnought is, let's say, 50% complete. I have even make my first purchase on Forgeworld and bought mk IV IH shoulderpads:O

  2. That looks like a lot of work to me :-) When I heard about the set I was excited, but the price here in Australia is simply too high. I will have to live vicariously through everyone else for a while.

    1. How much is the mark up down under? GW's pricing seems to be utterly ruthless down your way

  3. I have similar problem in Poland - it's so damn expensive. That's why I bought it with 2 of my friends - they gave me some money and in return got 2 tac squads:) I have a lot of other models to make as well and I think this was the last purchase in GW this year for me - I have to finish everything I have first:P

  4. Thanks for doing a photo unboxing! Most places I just see video unboxings, and this is so much easier to get a good idea of what's actually there. Not picking it up myself, I've got way too much backlog built up as it is, but I still look forward to hopefully seeing these on the table soon from some of my opponents.

    1. I really dislike the assumption that people will prefer a video, I always appreciate people who do both as it shows a good appreciation for their audience.

      I regret adding it to my back log tbh,,, but its opened now so can't return it ;)