Thursday 26 November 2015

Dark Angels Assault Squad - WIP

Good Afternoon all,

I had a very productive Monday evening hobbying away. I have really got myself into a good groove at the moment with three different projects on the go so nothing is feeling stale with a good mixture of building and painting a variety of aesthetics and styles.

So on Monday I sat down to my undercoated and 25mm based Assault marines for my Dark Angels Demi-company, picked out the Sergeant, a flamer special weapon and 3 normal dudes and here's how they looked by witching hour when I decided to call it a night. Apologies for the flash on the camera but it was late and I'm still mourning my main painting lamp dying :( 

I need to do a few details on the Sergeant and base them all but then they are finished! Next up is the Grav Cannon Devastator squad and their drop pod. The drop pod is undercoated and the Devastators have all their DA specific shoulder pads now so that should commence this weekend coming hopefully, though beer may intercede and plead ignorance...

Peace out,



  1. Assault Squads have one of the worst ratios of coolness in fluff/appearance to actual usefulness in the game of any Unit I can think of. Your work on these is definitely pushing the coolness factor up even further. I particularly like how most of them are up on the fallen columns, giving them a more aggressive/imposing appearance than your Tac Marines.

    Also, wearing robes while operating a jump pack seems like a pretty bad idea. Getting caught on stuff, getting set on fire by the exhaust, all kinds of things to go wrong there ;)

    1. Hahaha yep! These ones are slightly better than normal as they will have objective secured in the demi-company, but still not the greatest choice.

      What's more terrifying than a 7ft tall power armoured warrior flying through the air towards you? One on fire thats what!!